JoJo Siwa to make history on Dancing With The Stars

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2021 contestant and Youtube personality JoJo Siwa will be paired with a female contestant on Dancing With The Stars.

As the US version of Dancing With The Stars enters its 30th season this will be a first for the program, despite other countries having already achieved this. 

JoJo Siwa famously came out in January 2021. She later revealed she is in a relationship with her now girlfriend Kylie.

“I’m changing the future!”

Although she is excited about the chance to represent the LGBTQIA+ community Jo Jo Siwa did not originally know she would have a same sex partner.

It was not until an email from production asked her if she would like a male or female partner that she even realised it was an option.

“Wait, that’s an option? Let’s absolutely do it!” She gushed to Entertainment Weekly.

“It was a like, ‘Whoa, I’m changing the future.’ It’s making it acceptable, and I love that and I’m so proud of that.”

Jojo Siwa originally rose to fame on reality TV, most well known for appearing on Dance Moms.

She went on to become a Youtube star, releasing her own music and dance videos.

Despite already having a background as a dancer, Siwa is excited about her time on the show. Although, a little nervous.

“I’m not gonna hide that I’m a dancer. I was a dancer my whole life.” The singer explained.

“It’s gonna help me in a way, but it also is a disadvantage.”

Since coming out JoJo Siwa has gone on to become an active voice for the LGTBIQ community.

Check out her interview with People TV below.


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