John Kapiris: greengrocer slurs Matildas as carpet m*nchers

john kapiris carpet M*nchers matildas
Image: St Bernards Fruit and Veg Market Facebook

Adelaide greengrocer John Kapiris slurs Matildas as carpet m*nchers in an ad for his fruit and vege store.

carpet m*ncher: vulgar expression for a person who performs cunnilingus frequently used as a slur against lesbians.

John Kapiris

John and Leannda Kapiris run St Bernards Fruit and Veg Market in the Adelaide suburb of Rostrevor.

Called by that great bastion of decency, the Daily Mail, a ‘foul-mouthed fruiterer’, John Kapppiris is well known in Adelaide for his outspoken social media videos.

Previously he made news for calling out the big supermarkets over their pricing.

“Every fcker in Australia and the world is using inflation for an excuse to jack their fcking prices up so they can fck everyone.

“You know why? Cos they’re money-hungry fcks.”

Difficult to disagree.

The suburban greengrocer describes his marketing style as ‘self-taught’. He told the Daily Mail the video on supermarket prices went viral and filled his store the following Sunday.

So, we know what he’s up to. Contrived controversy equals increased sales.

(I should note, his fruit and vege look superb and his prices are bloody spectacular.)

The Matildas

However,  Johnny Boy got carried away in recent videos promoting his produce on the back of the Matildas.

“I want to be a part of it. God bless you, girls, youse are doing good.

“I don’t care if they are m*nching on the carpet. I do not care.”

Such toleration!

“I don’t give a fck!”

Ok. We get it. But Leannda was annoyed.

“I’m going to kill you,” she protested from behind the camera.

“No, I don’t care Leannda. I don’t care if they m*nch on the carpet.

“That’s good luck to them, man, if they want to m*nch on the carpet and kick the goals, I don’t give a shit.

“Good luck to you girls. Good luck to youse anyway. I’m not being disrespectful at all, that’s being carpet m*nchers.”

I suspect the giveaway here is the repeated and repetitive references to carpet m*nching. Johnny Boy knew exactly what he wanted to achieve and he made sure no one missed the slur.

John Kapiris should try and do better. He claims he is not homophobic. Well, prove it.

He is personable and outgoing. Whack some actual jokes in your ads. Crack us up with gags about your eggplant. Have Leannda fall about laughing every time you mention the size of said eggplant. That’ll get the customers in.

But leave the fcking homophobia out.

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