Joel Creasey Wants To See More Gay People On Australian TV

Joel Creasey

Comedian Joel Creasey wants to see more diversity on Australian TV and he’s troubled by the fact he couldn’t name any other gay or lesbian hosts currently on air.

“It is shocking to me that I’m pretty much the only out gay man on commercial television in Australia that I know of,” the 25-year-old told News Corp.


“We shouldn’t be having this conversation but there are so many gay and lesbian entertainers out there and it doesn’t translate to jobs on TV.

“A gay man is allowed to play a leading man on Broadway but you wouldn’t see him as a leading man on TV.

“It should be something that doesn’t need to be addressed but sadly this is the reality of the television industry in 2016.”

Joel also revealed he was once told by a major Perth radio station to “sound more straight” on air.

“I’m not paraphrasing either. Honestly what does a straight person sound like? I was dumbfounded,” he said.

The Australian comedian rose to fame on last year’s inaugural series of reality show “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” and now hosts the spinoff show “I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here Now!” on Channel Ten.