Joel Creasey: ‘Queer performers are struggling right now’

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Joel Creasey has called on the general public to show “some rainbow love” to the queer community, particularly struggling entertainers, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The comedian told his Facebook followers he’s “currently locked down in Melbourne and still in bed at 11am”.


In a Facebook thread, Joel called on everyone to throw their support behind their local queer performers and venues.

“Australia’s queer community are struggling right now,” he said.

“[They’re] often overlooked so I wanted to give them a bit of a shout-out and discuss a few ways we can all help.

“A lot of queer venues require our patronage to make money. A lot of the drag performers working at these venues – who I think we take for granted a lot of the time – haven’t had any gigs coming in.

“Nor do the bar staff or crew that work at these venues. So I thought I would discuss a few ways that you can help out.”

Joel said many drag performers, particularly in his home state, had started making and selling face masks online.

“A lot of Australian drag performers are making masks because they are very in fashion in Melbourne,” he said.

“I’d hazard a guess that if you’re anywhere that has queer or drag performers they’ll be making masks because a lot of our drag performers are pretty good on a sewing machine.

“Other ways you can help out is that a lot of the venues around town are doing delivery. Look for a queer venue in your area.”

Joel Creasey says ‘message entertainers and tell them how great you thought they were’

The coronavirus pandemic caused the cancellation of pride festivals and events nationwide. COVID-19 has also dramatically changed nightclubs and bars as we know them.

In his video, Joel Creasey goes on to suggest supporting local talent by buying a ticket to a future queer show or online event.

However the comedian added there are also ways to support the community without spending money.


“If that’s not within your financial means, do something like watch a free livestream or download a free queer podcast,” he said.

“Think back to that time when you were absolutely off your head on the dancefloor at 3am and a drag performer came on stage, and you absolutely loved it.

“Try and find their name, look them up on social media, give them a follow, which means so much.

“Send them a message and tell them how great you thought they were. That will really make their f–king day.”

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