Jinkx Monsoon shares journey with facial feminisation surgery

Jinkx Monsoon

RuPaul’s Drag Race Queen of all Queens and Broadway star Jinkx Monsoon has spoken out about her facial feminisation surgery. 

In a post to X, Monsoon shared pictures of her recovery post-surgery.

“Having the ability to have Facial Feminization Surgery is a privilege,” she wrote.

“Living somewhere where I can easily access HRT and other gender affirming care, is a privilege. These are privileges I have not taken lightly, especially at this time.

“Last year, while on tour, a trans elder told me: ‘Jinkx, it’s never too late.’ She was right. But let me say, “it’s never too late” means the world to someone still figuring out their path. Also, “it’s never too late” means something different for all of us.

“I know we don’t all have the same privileges and the same access to care. I will continue to use my voice til the day I die to fight for everyone, everywhere who is worried that it’s “too late.” We all find our path. We all find our time. You do you, however you want to do you,…”

It’s been a big few years for the Drag Race alum, Monsoon landed the covet role of Mama Morton in Chicago on Broadway in 2023.

She also landed a spot on Doctor Who and will be returning to the stage as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors on April 2.

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