Jesus Christ does not have pronouns according to GOP candidate Lavern Spicer

Lavern Spicer pictured next to tweet about pronouns

Floridian Republican Lavern Spicer took to Twitter this week with an urgent message. “Do not ever refer to my Lord Jesus Christ with pronouns”.

Naturally, the message sent Twitter into a frenzy, with users pointing out the confusing and ironic implications of Spicer’s plea.

“I really don’t think you know what pronouns are,” one user replied.

“We’re canceling pronouns now? What’s next, adjectives” said another.

War on pronouns

This is not the first instance of Lavern Spicer’s rally against pronouns going viral. With the politician confidently and falsely asserting earlier in the year that “There are no pronouns in the Bible”.

She also attracted a lot of attention after claiming there were none in the Constitution either.

Lavern Spicer’s war on pronouns seemingly took off in response to Vice President Kamala Harris introducing herself as “she” and “her” in a meeting.

“I am Lavern Spicer, my pronouns are ‘KISS MY BLACK ASS’, and I am a woman who is sick of virtue signalling leftist like [Kamala Harris]” the congressional candidate tweeted.

Harris’s introduction was also mocked by right-leaning audiences. Despite the VP meeting with disability campaigners who were instructed to introduce their pronouns along with their attire.

Despite Spicer’s efforts to defend Jesus against the ever-looming threat of correct grammar, it seems the candidate is no stranger to making bold assertions about Jesus, as long as it aligns with her beliefs:

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  1. Richo
    21 December 2022

    When i went to school, many years ago, ‘MY’ was reagarded as a pronoun! Time to think again Ms Spicer.

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