Jerry Falwell Jr: unzipped, unrepentant and unemployed

jerry falwell jr liberty university

The Board of Trustees of the holier than thou Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia today asked homophobic college president Jerry Falwell Jr to take an ‘indefinite leave of absence’. Falwell agreed to stand aside following a controversy surrounding a photo of him with his pants unzipped. The image also showed him holding a drink that he denied contained alcohol and with one arm around a woman in skimpy attire.

After previous scandals surrounding Falwell’s financial largesse in his dealings with a couple of hunky young men, it’s surprising the latest pic didn’t cause the Board of Trustees to breathe a sigh of relief.


The Liberty University code of conduct demands that students dress modestly at all times and avoid extreme fashion and hairstyles.

Admittedly though, it makes no special mention of Peg Bundy costume wigs.

The college also bans drinking, extra-marital sex and the consumption of media that includes nudity or sexual content.

Liberty threatens LGBTIQ+ students with expulsion and conducts ‘gay reparative therapy’.

Jerry Falwell Jr inherited control of the college from his virulently homophobic father Jerry Falwell Sr of ‘Moral Majority‘ fame. Falwell publicly subscribes to his father’s beliefs and energetically worked to swing the evangelical vote to Donald Trump. However, his party-boy behaviour often evokes concern among his fellow travellers.

jerry falweel jr liberty university

Jerry Falwell Jr scandals

Although Falwell attempted to explain the pic as taken during a costume party on board a luxury yacht,  apparently the university trustees thought young Jerry took one liberty too many.

A 2018 court case brought to light the curious relationship between Falwell and a Miami Beach pool boy. Falwell and his wife met Giancarlo Granda during a vacation in 2012. They soon invited him to visit them at home in Lynchburg and join them on holidays. Later, Falwell provided financing for Giancarlo and friends to open a hostel in Miami. The court case resulted from a falling out with the friends who believed they were frozen out of the deal.

Falwell ended up buying the hostel with US$4.7 million of Liberty University’s money and the evangelical college became the owner of a gay-friendly hostel with an onsite bottleshop in what has been called ‘the gayest 6 square miles in the United States’. Falwell’s son later purchased the hostel from the university.

Explicit photos

During the court case, a scandal erupted over rumoured explicit photos of the Falwells. After Falwell Jr denied that explicit photos of him existed, the photos later turned out to be photos of his wife in various stages of undress, photos that Falweel Jr himself shared with friends and colleagues!

In 2014, another photo caused Falwell Jr grief — a photo of him partying at a Miami circuit party. He at first denied it was him in the photo and then claimed it was photo-shopped.

Next up, reports emerged of Liberty University colleagues complained about Fallwell Jr’s constant boasting about the size of his penis.

Actor Tom Arnold tweeted that Jerry not only liked to talk about his big dick, but also show it off.

The personal trainer

In 2016, in yet another questionable use of Liberty University funds, Falwell sold a fitness facility on university grounds to his personal trainer, Benjamin Crosswhite. Young Benjamin acquired the property without a deposit using a US$1.2 million low-interest loan from the university which also immediately paid him US$650,000 to lease it back from him. But as the below video shows, Benjamin is hot.

During his tenure as president of the university, Falwell Jr was paid US$900,000 a year. Liberty University could afford it. Despite its relatively small campus, in 2015, it received $345 million in federal grants and loans. That’s more than twice what The USA’s largest public university received. Falwell Jr, his family and friends also benefitted from real estate dealings involving the university.

Many predict he will use his time off to write a book about how the stress of his good works caused him to stray from Godly ways, before repenting and returning to the position. He could probably also spend some of the free time herding camels through the eyes of a needle or he could start selling pics on Only Fans.

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