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Former Top Gear host and walking headline Jeremy Clarkson is at it again – this time trying to make gay jokes on Twitter.

Currently in Australia with his TopGear Buddies Richard Hammond and James May as a part of their live tour, Clarkson this week visited a fudge factory and simply couldn’t help himself from making childish jokes and then sharing them with the world via social media.

Clarkson posted a photo of himself alongside Richard Hammond standing outside of the Margaret River Fudge Factory with the caption: “We have jobs at last. Here. As packers.”

Clarkson was sensationally sacked by the BBC after a string of controversies with the final straw coming when he punched Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon.

The term ‘fudge packer’ has long been used as an insulting slur used to describe gay men.

Debate raged on social media after Clarkson’s tweet with most people describing the ‘joke’ as immature at best or an outright homophobic slur at worst. Some, however, chose to defend Clarkson, suggesting that it was all just harmless fun.

LGBTI charity ‘Stonewall’ didn’t hold back when offering its own thoughts on the controversial star’s comment.

“We can’t quite see Clarkson in the confectionery industry, maybe it’s the sour taste that his racist and homophobic slurs leave. All we can see him packing up at the moment is his career.”

Clarkson came under fire last year for posting an image of himself asleep on a plane with someone holding a handwritten sign which said “gay c—” next to him. He deleted the tweet and said he “would like to apologise profusely to anyone who I offended while I was asleep”.


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  1. Get over it
    22 July 2015

    FFS – Get over it – I have been to the Fudge Factory in the Margaret River and I too made the same joke. I am gay and I don’t have an issue with it – Stop being overly sensationalist with every word that Clarkson makes – I personally love the guy and his comments – time queens stopped being so sensitive – suck it up

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