Jacqui Lambie sorry for ‘expletives and gay slur’ in Qantas rant

jacqui lambie today qantas ban rant
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Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has said she “deserves” a six-month ban from using all Qantas services after abusing airline staff with expletives and a gay slur.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Senator Lambie “reacted adversely” after airline staff in Melbourne told her she couldn’t access the airline’s exclusive Chairman’s Lounge.

During the rant, she reportedly hurled expletives, referred to “pussy power” and told staff their openly gay CEO Alan Joyce “is a poof”.

Speaking on Nine’s Today show, Jacqui Lambie apologised to the staff members.

The senator told the program she “deserves” the six-month ban, which began in early April.

“I went on a rant. I deserve everything that I got from Qantas,” she said.

“That ban will stay. I deserve every bit of that ban. And once again I’m profusely apologetic to those staff members that were involved.

“I’ve tried to apologise to those staff members. I’ve even written a letter myself apologising for that a few months ago.”

She explained, “It had been a long few weeks up in Parliament. It’s just been a really, really long year.

“Basically I just blew my stack and unfortunately there was a couple of Qantas staff members that wore that,” Lambie said.

The politician said she wasn’t in her usual frame of mind due to taking pain medication at the time.

“They should never have wore that and it was really unfair of me to do that to them,” she said.

“So once again, I’m extremely apologetic for my behaviour for that few minutes.”

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Jordan Hirst
Jordan Hirst

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  1. Matt
    27 May 2021

    Apology or not she is a homophobic person and makes me think differently about her

  2. David Gadd
    27 May 2021

    Yes she apologised to the staff. But she still did not appologise for the homophobic slur against Allan Joyce. Plus shows that she is a homophobe as the truth comes out when under drugs or alcohol, so honestly her appology is as fake as she is.

  3. Rosemary
    27 May 2021

    The truth comes out when you’re on pain meds or alcohol and under stress. This is obviously how she really feels

    • Douglas Clifford
      27 May 2021

      In vino veritas…

  4. 27 May 2021

    well no ,not really so surprising i guess. ive been waiting for it to happen

  5. Bruce Labruce
    27 May 2021

    I love Jacqui. She did the right thing.

  6. Zoe
    27 May 2021

    Tiered or sick, or whatever, that fact that she just came out with that indicates hat is her true thoughts. Shameful.

  7. Peter Turner
    27 May 2021

    It’s amazing how in times of stress the real personality of most people emerges. I would never have thought this of Jacqui Lambie however it was inexcusable and now she needs to pay the price. To somehow blame pain meds or stress is just ridiculous.

    Maybe a few months community service at a Tasmanian LGBTQI+ charity would open her eyes to the hurt this type of behaviour causes.

  8. Chris
    28 May 2021

    It certainly shows her real thoughts and will also be a Clarion call to the scum of society to join her in the pushback against acceptance of all. Would be good to see her do something concrete to make redress.

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