Jackie Daniels on Armidale event with Barnaby Joyce

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Sydney drag star Jackie Daniels spoke to QNews today about hosting a gala event in Armadale last night, which was shared on Facebook today by local federal member Barnaby Joyce.

On Wednesday night, Joyce was filmed lying on a footpath in Canberra, mumbling into his phone, apparently intoxicated. Joyce’s wife, former mistress Vikki Campion later told a reporter Joyce was talking to her but that the expression he was heard muttering ‘dead f*cking c*nt’ was directed at himself.

“I think he was calling himself one, he likes to self-flagellate.”

Joyce at first told 9News he fell off a planter box he sat on and was angry with himself. New reports today claim he has now told fellow Nationals he mixed medication with alcohol.


The latest incident follows years of speculation about the use of alcohol by the politician sometimes called the Beetrooter.

The Armidale event

Today, Joyce shared pictures on Facebook of a gala charity event he attended in Armidale last night. Included in the post, pics of fabulous Sydney drag star Jackie Daniels including an apparent selfie of Barnaby with Jackie by Barnaby.

Joyce made particular mention of Jackie Daniels in his post.

“The loss of a child at birth or before is devastating. But raising money for Lighting The Way to support those who have, is a lot of fun with a roving 6’3” Drag Queen running a quiz on questions such as name all the chocolates in a box of celebrations.”

The mention surprised both allies and critics of the politician. Joyce is notorious — for good reason — as a homophobe. QNews cannot find evidence of even neutral comments from him on LGBTQIA+ people in the past. Yet, today’s post is positively POSITIVE.

As Joyce must have known it would, the post attracted criticism from his generally far-right supporters.

“You’re meant to be the leader of the national party and you do drag events. Shame on you bro, you absolute degenerate. May a leader rise from the grave who believes in the 14 words, to bring us out of this decay.”

*Many thanks to my colleague Andrew M Potts for letting me know ‘the 14 words’ is a reference to a White Supremacist slogan.

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

Nice company you keep, Barnaby!

Lighting the Way

QNews takes this opportunity to express our admiration and support for the Lighting the Way event, the cause, the organisers and Jackie Daniels as the host. A great cause and obviously a great night.

However, we are sceptical about Barnaby Joyce’s reasons for publicising this particular event.

We reached out to Jackie Daniels who described hosting the gala fund-raiser as a great honour.

“Lighting The Way is an organisation that provides support to women in regional areas who have experienced pregnancy loss and pregnancy after loss. It was an incredible evening where the community came together for a night of trivia hosted by myself.

“Pregnancy loss is something that can affect all women, regardless of your political or personal views. So Barnaby being in attendance I believe was to show support for the important cause, I just so happened to be the host of the evening. He was respectful and the entire night was a great success.

“I believe him sharing the event and including me in his posts was to show his support for Lighting The Way and the work they do.”

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