Jack Vidgen reveals he almost died from an overdose last year

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Singer Jack Vidgen has opened up about his battles with substance addiction, and revealed he nearly died after an overdose last year.

The 25-year-old spoke to Carla from Bankstown on the drag queen’s OMG Bro podcast this week.

Jack explained to Carla he attends Narcotics Anonymous meetings and they’ve helped him stay drug and alcohol free.

“I have had a history with substance abuse,” he explained.

“I think that’s definitely stemming from trauma.”

After spending time in a Sydney rehab facility in 2020, Jack explained he was clean for about six months in 2021 before things got out of control again.

“I essentially overdosed and am very lucky I didn’t die,” he said.

“When I wrote my single Goodbye [in 2021], it was when I decided to go sober.

“That was last year, and since then I was sober for about six months and then I did start drinking again. And then it did get a bit hectic again.

“I’ve never been an alcoholic, but it always starts [with alcohol] for me and it doesn’t end there.

“Maybe not always, but the chaos builds up.”

The singer said attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings regularly has helped him.

“Just to have something that I can go to and it reminds you of where things can get,” he said.

“Hearing people’s stories and just sharing about where you’re at, I find it really powerful.

“I’m sober now. I don’t know whether I’ll be sober from alcohol forever, I still haven’t decided that – or whether I want that. I know for now, I just need to be sober.

Jack explained, “I want clarity in my life, I want peace.

“I want to live authentically and I’m just finding at the moment being sober from alcohol and everything else is what needs to happen right now at least. It’s a day-by-day thing.”

Jack Vidgen and Carla from Bankstown shared sex stories

In an earlier chat with Carla from Bankstown this week on the drag queen’s podcast, Jack Vidgen swapped wild Grindr stories with Carla and revealed a celebrity gay couple invited him to a threesome.

The pair also bonded over their history on Australian reality TV.

Last month, Jack Vidgen appeared on Australian Ninja Warrior, winning $10,000 for his chosen charity, the Trish MS Research Foundation.

Meanwhile, Carla, whose real name is Benjahmin James, recently competed on The Celebrity Apprentice on Nine.

Carla from Bankstown’s OMG Bro podcast is streaming on Apple, Spotify and other podcast platforms.

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