‘Izzy, Enough’: Brisbane Gay Rugby Player Responds To Israel Folau

Israel Folau anti-gay homophobic transphobic LGBTIQ elders

By Jason Garrick

Izzy, enough. On April 2, you told the world that God’s plan for homosexuals was eternal damnation. On May 8, you told the world that with “great love” the LGBTIQ community needs to “repent or perish”.

The historical figure we know as Jesus taught us to live life with compassion. Yet, it appears you have none for any person associated with the LGBTIQ community.

How disappointing that in your time dedicated to learning the teachings of a man who taught us not to cast the first stone has continued to pick those same stones up and thrown them at an entire community.

The LGBTIQ community are human beings. We are your doctors, teachers and nurses. We are the ticket sellers at the stadiums you play in.

We play the game you say you love and say that you are an ambassador of. We treat your injuries and support your teammates. Yet you look us in the face and protest, “repent or perish”.

The message you say comes from “great love”. You support the statement that “sexual perversions beyond description cause many hearts will grow cold”.

You preach for the LGBTIQ community to not allow our coldness of heart to harden our hearts.

It is, in fact, the complete opposite.

It is the fact that we can love another person, even if they are of the same sex or gender identity, to the tips of our fingers, to the tips of our toes and to the deepest and most vulnerable parts of our souls.

It is because we have learned to LOVE in the face of prejudice, hatred and fear that we allow ourselves to love as genuinely as we do.

You openly, fearlessly and repeatedly attack a community that has seen your types before. We see you in our streets, in our local Woolies and in our workplaces. We know that you fear what you cannot understand. We know that you will continue to blatantly ignore and maliciously attack despite logic, reason or God’s love.

Personally, I have learned more about love from the LGBTIQ community that has prevented my heart from ever hardening because of people like you.

Israel, you are a man of your conviction. You are exercising your free speech. You are exercising your freedom of religion.

You are also promoting exclusion, intolerance and fear. Israel, you are homophobic and I say that with great love.

Jason Garrick is vice president of the Brisbane Hustlers gay and inclusive rugby team.

Nerelle Harper

Nerelle is a contributor for QN Magazine and QNEWS Online

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