‘It’s personal’: Lana Del Rey’s revenge on ex to promote new album

Lana Del Rey and ex Sean Larkin
Images: Instagram

Lana Del Rey posted a photo to her Instagram this week of a single promotional billboard for her upcoming ninth studio album.

The post, which showed Lana parked ominously in front of the billboard, was captioned: “There’s only one and in it’s in Tulsa.”

Underneath in the comments section, she added, “It’s. Personal.”

So cryptic! But what does it all mean?

Lana Del Rey IG post

Lana and Larkin

Avid fans of the Norman F*cking Rockwell! singer noted that her ex, Sean Larkin, lives in Tulsa.

“lana del rey putting up just one billboard for her album in her ex boyfriends city and then posting about it is so lana del rey,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

This connection is made all the more likely by the already suspicious release date of the first single, which was dropped on Larkin’s birthday.

Larkin, a former reality TV star, is now a police officer and father of two.

The pair reportedly split in 2020 after dating for 6 months due to  their “busy schedules”.

“A very wordy album”

In a recent interview for W Magazine, Del Rey said that her new album will be more emotional than her previous work.

“In Honeymoon, there were so many colour references,” she explained. “For this new music, there’s none of that at all. It’s more just like: ‘I’m angry’.”

She also revealed,  “It’s a very wordy album. So there’s no room for colour. It’s almost like I’m typing in my mind.”

The wordiness of the album can certainly already be accounted for, as reflected in the mouthful of a title.

As for the emotional depth of the lyrics, if the lines from her single are any indication, Lana seems to be delivering on her promise:

Open me up, tell me you like it. F*ck me to death, love me until I love myself,” sings Del Rey.

Nevertheless, fans eager for Lana to delve back to her roots of writing break-up anthems seemingly won’t have to be waiting much longer.

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