Italian nun interrupts photoshoot to break apart lesbian kiss

lesbian kiss
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A video has gone viral of a nun interrupting a photo shoot in Italy featuring a lesbian kiss. 

Italian models Serena de Ferrari and Kyshan Wilson were shooting for Not Yet Magazine when a nun came up to the pair on the street and shoved them apart.

The two women star in the Italian soap Mare Fuori, and exchanged glances and giggles as the nun scolded them in Italian.

“What are you doing? This is the devil’s work,” she screamed.

The nun then set her sights on the crew, saying their generation is to blame for COVID-19, before crossing herself and adding: “Jesus, Joseph and Mary.”

Makeup artist Roberta Mastalia spoke to the Italian media about the incident.

“We were on location in the Spanish Quarter in Naples, in a little side street with the two models when all of a sudden the nun walked past,” she said.

“She asked us if we had been to Mass that day and when we said ‘no’ she started blaming young people for the coronavirus.

“When she saw the two models posing up ready to kiss and that’s when she ran forward to split them up.”



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Lesbian kiss photos ‘even more iconic’

Although the nun attempted to shut the photoshoot down, the publicity surrounding the famed photoshoot could prove a positive for Not Yet Magazine.

“Even more iconic,” one Instagram follower wrote.

“Waiting for those fierce photos ❤️🔥🔥🔥 keep the love coming!” commented another.

Not Yet Magazine had a tongue-in-cheek response to the controversy, promising fans that the photos from the shoot would be released soon.

“When you go viral but not for something good…,” they wrote.

“Editorial out soon!’

It remains to be seen whether the nun will be making an appearance in the final product.

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  1. Kevin
    23 July 2022

    That nun – or, better still, the church she claims to represent – should be sued by the filming company for loss of income. Being a nun doesn’t give you privileges that ordinary people don’t enjoy. And a lawsuit would send a clear signal to the bigots that we aren’t going to stand for this any more.

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