**it hits the fan over fiendish plot to install unisex toilets

unisex toilets

Brisbane’s Sunday Mail reported today that the new Fortitude Valley State Secondary College will feature unisex toilets.

Year 7 students at the new school will use self-contained cubicles complete with personal hand basin. The seven-story vertical school due to open on St Pauls Terrace in 2020 will feature unisex cubicles with shared basin facilities.

Unisex toilets, of course, are common. They are found in most homes, many businesses, on planes, in parks, shopping centres and railway stations.

But to many online commenters online, its all part of a fiendish plot.

“The social engineering continues unabated,” posts Capn McRummy.

Advantages of unisex toilets

Unisex toilets are efficient. They alleviate the problem of the traditional male/female set-up where cubicles sit empty in the men’s while women queue.

An online poster named Tony explains it.

Women face long queues at public toilets, while men just sail through.

“That’s because giving the same square meterage actually discriminates against women, because men get more facilities in their space – urinals take up much less room than cubicles.

Unisex toilets also address safety issues. The unisex toilets at my local railway station feature full-length doors — no space above or below that a potential predator could use for access.

Kerri Collins explains it on Facebook.

I think you’ll find each cubicle is perfectly secure, with floor to ceiling walls and individual hand basins.

The communal area will be open to view, unlike current school toilets that provide the perfect closed environment to allow bad behaviour to occur.

And finally, for all those horrified at the idea of sharing the common area of a single-gendered space with a  trans person – you won’t have to.

It’s passing strange that many who argue against transwomen using female toilets also scream about unisex toilets.

A reminder – Transgender people also pay taxes.

Just another opportunity to demonise LGBTIQ communities

Many online commenters don’t like to let facts get in the way of attacking LGBTIQ people. And this is the perfect opportunity.

Andy appears to dislike both apostrophes and options.

“Im all for people identifying as dolphins or binary or whatever they choose but we cant have 150 different toilet options.”

Read the article, Andy. They’re not suggesting 150 options. They’re offering one option suitable for everyone, including the disabled.

Same-sex marriage to blame

“This is all part of the tidal wave of sexual/gender madness people predicted would happen if ssm was voted in,” says Jill.

Lordy, lordy, lordy!  Where do they find these people?

“There is no such thing as marriage equality ….” adds David. Well, that kills Jill’s argument.

“Those who voted for ssm surely could not have imagined these consequences. Those responsible should be held to account, again no consultation but just go ahead and do it. How long before we get rain now??” asks Adrian.

I initially struggled to make sense of Adrian’s comment. But I’d forgotten the recent resurgence of superstitious hogwash. I’m assuming he is suggesting same-sex marriage angered the rain god.

Just in case anyone fails to see the responsibility of the LGBTIQ communities in all this, Daryl points it out.

“This school is being built not far from the progressive sanctuaries of New Farm and Tennyson.[He means Teneriffe] Not difficult to work out what the agenda is.”

Ah yes. Those bloody rainbow people again.

Premier to insist on Boys and Girls toilets.

The Sunday Mail later updated their online article to include Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s commitment to ensuring the school retained traditional boy’s and girl’s facilities.

It seems that, after being spooked by the Federal election results, the premier is determined to appease people who won’t vote for her government under any circumstances anyway.


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