Israel ‘Hellfire’ Folau’s Sunday sermon – more of the usual

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Former rugby player Israel ‘Hellfire’ Folau ummed and aahed his way through a sermon at his father’s church in Sydney yesterday. The multi-millionaire former Mormon, now Pentecostal, addressed his usual fire-and-brimstone subject matter.

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However, as a fire-and-brimstone prophet of doom warning of the hellfire of eternal damnation, Folau lacks fire.

Anyway, however uninspiring his evangelising, his words continue to provoke outrage, so here we go again.

The Sermon

Folau related how he heard someone speak at a recent event about gender fluidity legislation.

Apparently, the man  talked about “homosexuality, is in disguise to try and take over within this world.”

No, Mr Folau. They just wish to be left in peace to live their lives, without vilification and discrimination.

“You see a lot of things in today’s news and everything.”

We see a lot of Israel Folau in the news.

Folau claims in his sermon “they” allow young kids in primary school “permission to change their gender if they want by taking away the permission of their parents.

“Now they’re trying to take control as a government to make that decision for kids that are basically 16-years-old or younger.

“They don’t even know what they’re doing.

“This is what the devil’s trying to do to instil into this government, into this world, into this society and it’s slowly happening.”

“The sad thing is while a lot of people out there who are non-Christians say bad things about the church, a lot of churches today allow those things to happen.”

Funny that, Israel. A lot of people who are non-LGBTIQ say bad things about LGBTIQ people too, including yourself.

Same-Sex Marriage

Folau complained “they say” there’s nothing wrong with a man and a man marrying.

True that. Law of the land. Render unto Caesar and all that.

“If there’s ever a time to stand up for the word of God, now is the time.

“Otherwise the truth of God will be slowly taken out and it’s our job as born-again Christians to stand up for God, not be scared of persecutions, sufferings.

“However, he said it was important to stay strong in your faith.

“Are we too scared because we might be cast out by our workplace or cast out of somewhere because we’re not liked or loved by those around us and don’t believe the same thing we do?

“You might be the only born-again Christian in that workplace, you might feel a bit awkward with your co-workers because they are in the world and you’re not. We should feel blessed … because God has called us.”

Try rephrasing that like this Izzy.

You might be the only LGBTIQ person in that workplace. You might feel awkward with your co-workers because they are in the world and you’re not.

The truth is Mr Israel ‘Hellfire’ Folau, in your career, you moved from job to job, team to team and football code to football code. Media reports suggest you did this in search of bigger and bigger pay cheques.

At the same time LGBTIQ people moved job to job, not for  more money or because they felt ‘awkward’. But because of outright prejudice, discrimination and vilification. And much of that vilification was inspired  by fire-and-brimstone evangelists.

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