Folau comes to defence of Magda Szubanski

Magda Szubanski Israel Folau
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Israel Folau (he who we avoided naming for days now) made headlines for who knows how many days running today.  However, today’s headlines come in response to his defence of  prominent gay rights activist Magda Szubanski.  The former footballer came to her defence in response to a plea from Julia Baird on Twitter. After Julia’s tweet, Folau responded in agreement.

“Hey everyone I totally agree with @bairdjulia — please stop the anonymous online attacks on @MagdaSzubanski who has entered this debate very respectfully,” tweeted Folau.

“She is entitled to express her views — let’s all have this important discussion with love in our hearts.”

Julia Baird

His tweet came in response to one from Julia Baird about the “ugly hate campaign” against Magda.

Following the launch of Folau’s short-lived GoFundMe page, Magda Szubanski began a rival  GoFundMe.

In response to Folau’s page, she called hers ‘For Love’.

Twitter trolls then began a campaign of online abuse against her.

Magda’s ‘For Love’

Last Tuesday night, Magda told The Project she hoped to raise $500,000 for charity through ‘For Love’.

“Some friends and I had a feeling — I can’t believe I’m up here talking about this stuff again. I would love to leave this subject behind.

“We would like to have a response to Israel Folau that’s not combative.

“It’s an interfaith group, it’s comprised of Catholics, Muslims, Jews, atheists and LGBTQI people and we’ve started a GoFundMe called “For Love”.

“We hope to raise $500,000, 10 per cent of which will go to Twenty10 which is an organisation I’m the patron of.

“It works a lot with kids often from diverse backgrounds who are kicked out of home because of, you know, basically because of their sexuality.”

Israel Folau

Other than his interview with Alan Jones, Folau stayed relatively quiet of late.

Indeed, it appeared he allowed the Australian Christian Lobby to make the running on his behalf.

However, he responded today in defence of Magda.

Rugby Australia also tweeted for the attacks against Magda to stop.

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