Is the trending #AnalJones hashtag on Twitter homophobic?

#analjones Claire G. Coleman

The hashtag #AnalJones predictably inspired controversy as it trended on Twitter tonight. Award-winning Wirlomin Noongar author Claire G Coleman kicked off the hashtag earlier in the day.

Claire tweeted, “It would be such a shame if everybody accidentally misspelled Alan Jones and #AnalJones started trending, wouldn’t it.”


While some expressed concern about implied homophobia, others demurred.

Matthew Toohey, though apparently not a fan of Alan Jones, nevertheless believed #AnalJones homophobic.

Other people, however, defended the hashtag as comparing Jones to an arseh*le  or referencing his ‘talking sh!t’.

#AnalJones homophobic?

While a few Tweeters referenced Jones allegedly writing a love letter to a schoolboy during his teaching career or his arrest for cottaging in London, most steered clear of references to his sexuality. Arse related humour certainly enjoyed a good run.

“#AnalJones it’s got a ring to it,” tweeted Save NSW Health.

Claire G Coleman countered accusations of homophobia by pointing out that she herself is queer.

And as Nanci DeBossii pointed out, despite an almost universal acknowledgement of his sexuality, Alan Jones has never made any public comment on it.


Claire G Coleman

This writer remains undecided about the hashtag. It seems potentially homophobic, though the vast majority of responses to it were not. I have myself accused people of talking out of their arse without intending homophobia, and Alan Jones may well have been one of those people. 😆

But I definitely benefitted by discovering the writing of Claire G Colman. Check out her essay ‘When We Encountered the Nomads’ in Meanjin to increase your knowledge of this wide brown land.

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