Dirty sex is hot sex! Now ‘dirty’ for you might be different to another’s, so insert your own definition. Dirty loving might mean raunchy, or a bit B&D, or BYO sex toys, fruit and chocolate; you might like to get it on in public or with a crowd. For you shy folk it could simply mean doing it with the lights on or making enough noise to wake the neighbours!! Sex is getting dirty when you try something new; new position, new get-up, new attitude.

Whatever dirty feels like to you – do it! That’s right; steam it up a bit with your lover. Bring out your animal instincts and get naughty. Because as you do, you leave your ordinary identity at the door; and this is when sex gets hot. Dirty sex is often forgotten when sex turns to love. Why is it that we find it easier to be free when someone hardly knows us than when they know us inside-out? It’s crazy but common; couple sex gets dull and predictable. Resist this urge. Keep it interesting.

We spend enough time with each others everyday identities; paying bills, seeing family, walking the dog; this part of us should have restricted access to the bedroom. Props, pills and permission to change can help strip away your normal identity.

Top 5 tips to get you started

1. Try it on somewhere new
2. Say what you really want
3. Wear something really sexy
4. Give them what they really want
5. Tease them until they’re hot for you

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