Iran Publicly Hangs Man on Charges of Homosexuality

Iran Publicly Hangs Man on Charges of Homosexuality

An unidentified 31-year old man was publicly hanged on charges of homosexuality on January 10 in Kazeroon, Fars Province, in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to the state-run ISNA, the man was sentenced to death by hanging for performing acts in violation to the country’s anti-gay laws – having sexual intercourse with another man, Gay Star News reported.

In the unverified news report, the man was also charged with the kidnapping of two 15-year old boys, after which it was alleged that he raped both of them.

He was not charged under the country’s laws pertaining to pedophilia, but with homosexuality.

Human rights groups have expressed their disappointment over the speed of the execution, believing that the man should have first served 15 years imprisonment for kidnapping.

The regular practice of punishment in Iran sees criminals who have been convicted of multiple crimes serve their lesser sentences before the larger sentences.

Alireza Nader, CEO of advocacy group New Iran, said that the LGBTIQ community continues to live in fear due to the country’s enforcement of sharia law that punishes men convicted of being homosexuals with death.

“The LGBT community in Iran has lived in terror for the last 40 years,” Nader said.

“Next time Foreign Minister Zarif speaks in Washington, the host and audience should ask him why his regime is one of the top executioner of gays in the world.”

Mehri Jafari, an Iranian human rights attorney, told Gay Star News that lawyers are often unable to get a fair trial and defend their clients because access to information in Iran’s judicial system is highly restrictive.

“The gay community needs to react and clarify this is not a gay case,” Jafari said.

“It’s about the reputation of the gay community. Gay people are not kidnappers or child abusers.

“In Iran, it’s so important to clarify this because there’s so much pre-judgment. The danger is very real.”

Dianne Grace

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