Interview: Seann Miley Moore, the queer singer who slayed The Voice

The Voice Sean Miley Moore

Last night on The Voice Sydney singer Seann Miley Moore stunned Australian audiences with his rendition of The Prayer. Turning all four chairs and causing the judges to battle it out, Seann made a strong first impression.

After his incredible performance, Seann caught up with QNews to talk about his time on the show. Scroll down to watch our full interview with Sean Miley Moore at the bottom of this article.

This isn’t the first time Seann Miley Moore has competed on television. Originally hailing from Sydney, Seann packed his bags up in 2015 to move to the UK.

Appearing on their version of the X-Factor UK in 2015 Seann impressed all the judges making it through to the live shows. With his unique style and sound, he hit the stage on the first week with charisma, confidence and charm. Seemingly out of nowhere Seann was eliminated in the second week.

Six years later Seann returns to Sydney prepared to slay The Voice.

Appearing last night on The Voice, Seann chose a song many Australians are very familiar with on reality TV.

After Anthony Callea‘s iconic performance of The Prayer, it’s a dangerous song to touch on any singing competition, but these shows take risks to make it big.

“When I went to audition I thought, what is the song of all songs? And I was like, it’s The Prayer,” Seann gushed.

On using a song so well known from the days of Australian Idol, he wasn’t phased.

“I guess it was the handing over of the queer baton and I was happy to do it, like my gorgeous sister Anthony Callea did.”

But it was more than just a song choice for Seann. “The time we live in is such an uncertain time and this song is all about safety, hope and most of all inspiration. That was the reason I chose it, especially within these uncertain times. It was a perfect time to sing it and a song to sing for everyone.”

It wasn’t long before all four chairs turned for Seann as he soared with his rendition. This triggered Jessica Mauboy to block fellow The Voice judge Rita Ora from the opportunity to take Seann to her team.

Ultimately Seann went with Jessica Mauboy as his coach for some important and personal reasons.

“She’s such an inspiration for a brown sister like me. Having watched her audition she is such an inspiration in all her brownness and fabulousness. I was like I need  to go for my homegrown soulful sister Jess.”

Queer representation: It was hard growing up here

When Seann packed his bags and headed for the UK in 2015 it was more than just heading for the international stage, it was about safety, representation and finding his place.

Australia was not somewhere he truly felt he could be himself yet.

“That beginning was sort of my queer liberation and finding my community over in the UK.”

It was more than just finding success on television for Seann. Opportunities at pride events and other parts of queer like opened new doors for him personally and professionally while living abroad.

“It was hard growing up here, let me tell you. Queer spaces for us are very limited. My self-expression growing up here was very muted and I didn’t feel a sense of belonging. So I had to take that butterfly moment to realise all my queerness, all my colour and really connect with my community.”

Passionate about self-expression and representation has seen a refreshed and more confident Seann Miley Moore return to Sydney.

“Now I feel much more confident and secure with who I am and I bring that community spirit wherever I go. But I think it’s important also to see that we shouldn’t have to leave our beautiful country that is Australia to find ourselves. We need more of those spaces, more of that support for our youth growing up in this world.”

Performing in a Covid world

Whilst passionate about his world and excited for his current opportunities Seann and other artists living in Sydney find themselves in a strange place.

After filming the program almost 12 months ago Seann and fellow contestants are at home watching, unable to perform. Lockdown and Covid are wreaking havoc on their industry.

“Our arts industry, our music industry, because of Covid is completely, excuse my French, f___ed.”

“We needed our audiences, we need our spaces and we need the support from our government because at the end of the day it’s our sporting arenas that are open and our arts and music entertainment and industry are the first to be shut down.”

Whilst it’s frustrating and options are limited, Seann isn’t giving up. Still working his craft, songwriting and preparing for a world post-Covid.

For now, opportunities like The Voice are chances to still be seen and heard, it’s a space and a vehicle to keep careers afloat.

“As performers, we’re trying hard to find spaces to thrive. It’s the reason I went on The Voice, because I was like, what else is there?”

You can watch the full interview with Seann Miley Moore below and find more at

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  1. 19 August 2021

    Sean Miley Moore is amazing & beyond talented.Hope to see more of him..Follow your dreams & keep on keeping on

  2. Peter Turner
    2 September 2021

    Such a fabulous voice and a really genuine queer artist. I wish him all the success in the World.

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