Interview: Jack Vidgen on facing his demons: ‘It almost killed me’

Love me Lonely

Jack Vidgen returns with new music, new attitude and a new realisation. Speaking to QNews from Sydney Jack talks about the journey after Australia’s Got Talent, his break from music and what brought him to his new song Love me Lonely.

Life after ‘AGT’ for Jack Vidgen

It was a very full on time, especially for a young person,‘ he recalls. ‘Australia’s Got Talent was amazing but it felt like this rollercoaster that I couldn’t get off unless I just stopped the ride completely. Which is kind of what I did.

There’s a darkness behind this story, one that Jack isn’t quite ready to share yet.

He recalls his love of music was faltering, needing him to step away because he wasn’t enjoying it.

But something else was going happening, events that even now he’s not ready to talk about.

A few things happened over the years that are quite unfortunate. But I’ll talk about them one day.‘ Jack is upbeat nonetheless, but it’s clear the road wasn’t always smooth and a break and a refresh was what he needed.

I had to find a place where I loved singing again.

After stepping away from music at around 16 years old Jack got involved in church. Despite being a young queer person who had yet to come out, he found his love for music again in this community.

It was actually a really beautiful experience for me to get back into singing in a way that was personal and meaningful for me.’  After a five year break from the spotlight Jack Vidgen had found his love and his confidence to return.

This time the reality TV stage beckoned again.

‘It was full on again’ he laughs. ‘It was full on the first time and it was full on the second time again.’ After launching back into the spotlight ‘Jack Vidgen’ was becoming a household name again.

From The Voice into AGT everything was kicking off, until it all stopped again. This time it wasn’t his choice. ‘It was almost parallel to the first time coming onto the music scene.’ ‘But Covid then happened and I lost all my work. It wasn’t my choice this time when I stopped singing for a year.

 New Music, New Attitude and a new Jack Vidgen

In the years since his return Jack has made some bold choices. His social media is awash with strong, confident images as he struts the social scene of Sydney.

But it hasn’t always been that way. ‘There was a long time where I wasn’t that confident and I still have days where I’m still not that confident.’ But with time and age he reflects that ultimately things have changed as he has grown and evolved.

I’m in a fortunate position where the world that I’m in, the creative world, is a very accepting space. It’s taken a while but I feel like in a place now where I’m quite secure within myself.’ 

With this new confidence comes a new music style. Upbeat, techno, club, house, are any number of ways to describe his new sounds.

This is a far cry for the power ballads Jack Vidgen is so well known for. But this new style of music comes from a place that has been his home in his new life.

A big part of my life over the past four or five years has been the queer club scene in Sydney.

Reflecting on his previous time in church as a youth minister he muses. ‘This has been my new church.

Love me Lonely

As with his previous music ‘Love me lonely‘ is another personal song for Jack. In particular it marked a profound moment in his life and perhaps a turning point for his future. ‘I wrote Love Me Lonely about two weeks before I chose to go sober.

It was a bit of a wake up call that the stuff that I was worried was going to happen was happening, to do with substance abuse.’

‘It was just a huge wake up call that I’d kind of spoken into existence what I didn’t want to happen.

Now two and half months sober he reflects ‘Life has been better the last two and a half months than it has the last five years.’

Until now Jack hasn’t been public with his sobriety, admitting to not knowing what to share and what to keep private. ‘I never know how much to share and how much to not share but if I can share some of my story and it’s going to help someone that’s a good thing’. 

As much as that world is so fun and I’ve got such great memories of great times. But it almost killed me.

I think it’s really important to talk about it.’

Love Me Lonely‘ is a reflection of this experience. A telling of his truth about the millions of people watching from afar, not knowing what is happening behind the scenes. Powerful, catchy and upbeat, it is another independent music release for Jack Vidgen.

You can catch Jack Vidgen live on stage at the Out & Proud Festival on the Sunshine Coast at the rescheduled date of August 21.

Watch our full chat with Jack Vidgen below:

Listen to ‘Love Me Lonely’ here:

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