Internet Pastor Says Masturbation Turns Men Gay In Bizarre Rant

Any man who masturbates is performing a homosexual act.

This is the view of a prominent US pastor Dave Daubenmire who hit the headlines this week for the controversial view that has no doubt worried many straight American Christians.

In his webcam program Pass the Salt, former high school football coach turned internet pastor Dave Daubenmire expressed his belief that performing masturbation is gay, even if the aroused loner is thinking of a female.

He also pointed out that pornography is a gateway that allows evil thoughts and leads to the devil.

“You’re having sex with a man. You get it? You put images of a woman in your mind, but you’re having sex with a man,” Daubenmire explained.

“It’s where the Devil will take us if we give him free range in our minds.”

During his rant, he told the audience that sex and bowel movement are both bodily functions that brings great relief after holding them in for prolonged periods of time.

“You hold it and hold it and then you run in the house and the relief that comes. Is that feeling any different than the relief that you get when you have an orgasm?” he said.

“Both of them are temporary releases and feelings of pleasure. One is associated with sex and one isn’t. They are bodily functions.”

Duebenmire also unleashed fierce comments about public schools and urged people to remove their children from public schools.

“Our public schools are rife with sexual deviancy. Public schools are cesspools of sin and degenerate behavior, if not from the teacher, from the students themselves to each other,” he said.

“We are in a war, and the homosexual agenda is out to recruit your grandchild!”

To round out his epic rant, the blunt internet pastor took aim at female sports, saying they are recruitment grounds for the LGBTIQ community who like to lure young people because they are unable to procreate.

He even cited his two daughters as an example, in that they are both currently playing sports at school but have not taken up lesbianism despite the heavy pressure to “turn.”

“They didn’t have to because they weren’t cropped-haired wide-bottomed girls. They were pretty girls, godly women, they didn’t take the bait,” he said.

“But I’m telling mommies right now, if your daughters are good athletes, you better cover them in prayer because the recruiting that goes on, the pressure that goes on to be ‘one of the girls’ is enormous.”

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