Brisbane celebrates International Non-Binary Day

international non-binary day

International Non-Binary Day is this Sunday July 14, and festivities to celebrate the community are happening this Saturday.

Firstly, Clarence Corner Book Shop Café in Woolloongabba will host an International Non-Binary Day celebration.

There’s also a craft and market afternoon from 3 pm, and a dance party from 6 pm, featuring DJ Boom Boom Bean Selecta.

The day recognises and celebrates people of diverse genders whose identities fall outside of the male or female binary.

Because non-binary (or enby) people often suffer marginalisation, the day offers an opportunity to celebrate their community among friends.

Visibility and acceptance

Despite a previous lack of understanding, in recent years, more celebrities came out as non-binary.

As a result, the general non-binary community also gained greater visibility and acceptance.

Event co-organiser Darcy Rutherford said that they have seen non-binary visibility grow.

Darcy said they worked for a long time “to create queer safe spaces in their working environments.

“Getting to host this event shows the progress made when it comes to adapting these spaces.”

“Our visibility is growing, and we feel that we can take up space.

“We can be ourselves, free of judgement, to teach others and help them to not only be better allies but so often it also helps people discover other parts of themselves.

“This is the first event of this kind I have done since properly coming out.

“Getting to share it with some of my favourite queer community members makes it even better.

“I can’t wait to see how the event goes, to have a space where people of all ages and gender identities can come together to celebrate non-binary people and their culture.”


Entertainment at the festivities will include non-binary performers, spoken word poets, acrobats, story tellers, and more.

Celebrated upcoming poet Rae White will be one artist reading from their work at the evening event.

They said they aimed to disrupt binaries through their poetry.

“In my poetry I like to play with the malleability of language and the flexibility of the page,” Rae said.

“I want to dismantle standard poetic form and grammar and, in doing so, deconstruct the binary and create space for the non-binary.”

Rae said that the day is an important one for the gender diverse community.

“International Non-Binary Day gives our marginalised community the space to come together, to meet fellow enbies, and ultimately to feel safe to be ourselves,” they said.

More information on this Saturday’s International Non-Binary Day celebration is available on Facebook.

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