Intensive Correction Order rather than jail for extortion

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Brisbane District Court Judge Paul Smith today sentenced Chloe Jessica Earle to a 12-month Intensive Correction Order following a conviction for extortion. The judge imposed the order in lieu of jail because of difficulties she would face in prison.

“I can’t ignore the fact that as a transgender person with male genitalia if you went to a male jail, your safety would be at risk.

“There is no guarantee if you were sent to a female jail. In fact, it may be the reverse.”

Chloe Jessica Earle, 37, pleaded guilty to two counts of extortion and one count of stalking.

The court heard that in 2019, Earle advertised services on an escort website.

After a 27-year-old man made an inquiry, the pair agree to meet the following day at a rate of $300 an hour. The customer transferred a deposit of $300 and then another $300 the following day at Earle’s request.

However, the man later decided not to go ahead with the booking and blocked Earle’s number. Over the following month, Earle sent a number of messages claiming she missed a $1080 appointment because of his cancellation.

Although the man then transferred a further $900, Earle threatened to tell his girlfriend and workplace unless he paid another $500.

The man contacted the police, and Earle admitted to the offences.

A second extortion victim while on bail

While on bail for that offence, Earle extorted another potential customer. Despite receiving $200 from him following a sexualised phone call, she posted comments to social media about him and also contacted his wife. Even after he sent another $500, she continued to harass him until he contacted the police.

A psychological report submitted to the court described a jail sentence as incredibly detrimental to Earle’s physical and mental health.

The University of Southern Queensland undertook research in 2018 to identify ways to improve health services and management practices within Queensland correctional facilities for transgender, gender diverse and non-binary people.

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