Eight Arrested After Indonesian Police Raid ‘Gay Party’

Indonesian police have arrested eight men after bursting in on an alleged “gay party” after a tip-off by local residents.

City police chief Shinto Silitonga said officers raided two rooms in the Surabaya Oval Hotel, finding 14 men watching gay pornography and undertaking “deviant sexual acts”.

“This is the first time we enforced the law and arrested gay people in the city,” Silitonga said.

Two of the eight arrested could face up to 15 years in jail for initiating and facilitating the event.

Human Rights Watch Deputy Asia Director Phelim Kine said the Indonesian police “violated the basic rights of LGBT people by invading their privacy.”

“The Surabaya raid subjected these gay men to traumatic humiliation, puts two at risk of long prison terms, and threatens the privacy rights of all Indonesians,” Kine said.

Homosexuality is not expressly illegal in Indonesia, except in the conservative Islamic province of Aceh, which implements punitive elements of Syariah law.

However, Indonesia is one of the least tolerant countries regarding homosexuality, with 93 per cent of Indonesians saying homosexuality should be rejected, according to a 2013 Pew Research poll.

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