Indonesian officials complain prison turning inmates gay

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An Indonesia prison chief wants to isolate gay and lesbian prisoners to avoid “transmission” of homosexuality.

Officials in the country this week complained that the country’s cramped same-sex prison cells had sparked a rise in “deviant” sex between inmates.

“If sexual deviations are found in either male inmates or female inmates, we will take the first step of separating LGBT prisoners from normal inmates by placing them in isolation rooms,” director-general of corrections Ade Kusmanto told Detik.

“Namely, the residential rooms for ill prisoners.

“This step will be taken so that there is no transmission of sexual disorientation to other inmates.”

Ade said prisoners identified as gay would receive “guidance”, including psychological and religious counselling.

Earlier, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights official Liberti Sitinjak complained more inmates are engaging in “deviant sexual acts” while in prisons.

“[The overcrowding] has resulted in feet touching feet, their heads are touching and their bodies are touching,” Sitinjak told Detik.

“The result is the emergence of homosexuals and lesbians.”

Many in Indonesia falsely believe homosexuality is contagious

Homophobia aside, overcrowding is a serious issue in Indonesia’s prisons. West Java’s prisons can hold 15,658 inmates, but 23,681 are currently incarcerated, Sitinjak said.

Sitinjak suggested the prison system rehabilitate instead of incarcerating prisoners for relatively lighter crimes such as drug use.

Homosexuality is not illegal in most of Indonesia. However leaders have recently increasingly targeted the country’s LGBTIQ community.

Homophobic rhetoric and police raids on gay venues and health services have increased in the last three years.

Many in Indonesia falsely believe homosexuality is a disease. Some LGBTIQ Indonesians undergo dangerous conversion therapy, in some cases even gay “exorcisms”.

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