Indonesia tests foreign teachers for ‘abnormal’ sexual orientation

'abnormal' sexual orientation
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Earlier this month, international schools in Indonesia began implementing government regulation to test foreign teachers for ‘abnormal’ sexual orientation.

The New York Times published questions from tests some schools required foreign teachers to take.


Some questions required either agreement or disagreement with a statement.

“I would feel uncomfortable knowing my daughter’s or son’s teacher was homosexual.”

Others took a true or false format.

“The gender composition of an orgy would be irrelevant to my decision to participate.”

Trick questions to determine ‘abnormal’ sexual orientation

The Einsteins who designed the test also tried a few seeming ‘trick’ questions. Anyone who fell for these would be a very poor teacher anyway.

“I wouldn’t want to die without having experimented sexually with both men and women.”

A regulation introduced in 2015 prohibits international schools from employing any teacher with an ” indication of abnormal sexual behavior or orientation.”

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Education and Culture previously told the New York Times that schools will not hire teachers assessed by a psychologist as having ‘deviant sexual orientation’.

LGBTIQ repression in Indonesia

Indonesia’s LGBTIQ communities face increasing hostility in the country. The hostility comes despite Indonesian law not criminalising homosexuality except in the autonomous province of Aceh.

The introduction of the test comes amidst a crackdown on LGBTIQ communities.

In 2017, the government banned all LGBTIQ television content.

Only this September the government considered a revision to the criminal code to outlaw both male and female homosexuality. While the revision failed to pass, a similar proposal is expected to succeed in 2020.


Although officially secular, Indonesia is home to the world’s largest Mulsim population. Once seen as one of the most tolerant majority Mulsim countries, extreme religious views have been increasingly on view in recent years.

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