IKEA flying the Progress Pride Flag for IDAHOBIT DAY 2021

idahobit day 2021 progress pride flag ikea
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IKEA Australia will fly the Progress Pride Flag tomorrow to commemorate IDAHOBIT Day 2021. The move follows earlier innovations for the company’s ‘Progress is Made’ campaign.

IKEA will also offer rainbow-coloured receipts and shopping bags on IDAHOBIT Day 2021. Last year, the company introduced gender-neutral toilets into their Australian stores. The company website states IKEA Australia wants LGBT+ “co-workers and customers [to] feel safe, comfortable and accepted at IKEA.”

IKEA previously introduced rainbow-coloured KVANTING bags for US Pride month, 2019. They began selling the bags in Australia later that year.

Additionally, Brisbane’s Courier-Mail reported yesterday that IKEA Australia will in future specifically sign family-friendly parking spaces according to gender. According to the Murdoch outlet, stores will label parking spots ‘Family Gender Mixed’, ‘Family with Pram Gender Women’ and ‘Family with Pram Gender Men’.

Unusually, the newspaper did not allow readers the option to leave comments. Articles that mention gender-neutral whatever, pronouns or anything LGBTIQ+ related are red meat to a lion for regular Courier-Mail commenters.

Luckily, this writer was able to obtain my fix of deafening silent majority outrage on the IKEA Australia Twitter feed.

“If they aren’t disabled, why do they need parking assistance?” inquired a Glaswegian anti-vaxxer.

(Yes. I’m an addict. I check their pages.) Apparently, parent’s parking remains a novelty in the Scottish port city.

“Out, Damned woke parking spot,” sayeth the Lady Macbeth.

Go woke, go broke

Speaking of wokeness, need we report that numerous commenters chanted, “Go woke, go broke!”

No. Of course not. That phrase not long ago replaced ‘back in my day’ as the favoured expression of people still bewildered by indoor plumbing. They whine about ungendered toilets while bemoaning the demise of backyard dunnies and bygone days of wiping their arse with old issues of the Courier.

Another troglodyte tweeted during a break from his favoured leisure time activities: slagging Grace Tame, Brittany Higgins, Christine Holgate, and Magda Szubanski — and picking the wings off flies.

“Will they be providing a rear access?”

What a joker! A laugh a f*cking minute. I’ll bet he’s the life of the party at the annual Women Should Know Their Place Christmas shindig.

Progress Pride Flag

IKEA Australia says the company adopted the Progress Pride Flag for reasons of inclusion.

“The flag includes black and brown stripes to represent LGBT+ communities of colour, as well as pink, light blue and white to represent the transgender community. To us, flying the Progress Flag is more than symbolic. We know progress still needs to be made so that all people within the LGBT+ community are treated equally and included.”

In 2018, Daniel Quasar added a five-coloured chevron to the Rainbow Pride Flag originally designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978.

The Oregon-based graphic designer wanted to place greater emphasis on inclusion and progression. He therefore incorporated the black and brown stripes to represent marginalised LGBT communities of colour. The flag also embraces pink, blue and white from the Transgender Flag designed by Monica Helms in 1999.

Daniel Quasar formed the new elements into an arrow shape to signify forward movement. Additionally, he placed the chevron on the left to indicate that progress still needs to be made.


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