Iconic Sydney gay bar, Universal, bans bachelorette parties

Universal Bachelorette Party Ban

Brace yourselves, Bridezillas — it’s time to take your pre-wedding shenanigans elsewhere.

Universal, the legendary gay bar nestled in the heart of Sydney, has laid down the law: no more hens OR bucks (bachelorette/bachelor) parties allowed.

News of the decision was first announced back in March, however Universal liscencee Dillon Shaw recently spoke to Daily Mail Australia revealing why he made the call.

“We’re a queer venue for queer people,” Dillon told Daily Maily Australia.

Another spokesperson for the venue elaborated on this, saying:

“Universal is committed to being open and welcoming to ALL. It’s in our name,”

“We choose to restrict bucks parties and hens nights from the venue, due to the increased risk of intoxication and anti-social behaviour often associated with them.

“This forms part of our commitment to ensuring that Universal remains a safe place.

“It’s important for us to clarify that this policy absolutely does not single out women or men in particular.”

‘Always terrible, always an issue’

While the ban is likely already ruffling the feathers of many of Sydney’s buck-wild bridesmaids, others are hailing the decision as a necessary step in preserving the sanctity of LGBTQIA+ establishments.

“There’s definitely a place for women in gay bars who are there mostly for the same reasons we are: to enjoy the drag, the music and the people,” one source close to Universal said, according to the Instagram account @gaysydneynews.

“The exception to this are hens parties. Always terrible, always an issue,” they went on.

“They are usually drinking beforehand and there are always issues surrounding hens.”

Some also encouraged other queer spaces to ‘follow suit’:

“I think it is insulting that Hens think it’s “outrageous” to come into a gay bar like we are freaks in a freak show,” one commenter wrote.

“I think they should not come into our bars and use us or think of us in this way and I think this is a great call on Universal’s part and other bars should. Follow suit.

“Wether they realise it or not the Hens are objectifying our community for their amusement.”

Bye, bye, Bridezillas!

And it seems like Universal isn’t the only space recognising the problematic patrons.

In 2019, ‘Slims rooftop’ bar also introduced a similar rule, banning sashes and penis straws – popular decorations for pre-wedding parties.

The rule states that ‘overt’ hens and bucks parties were no longer allowed due to the fact that whilst they’re “all about fun”, it can’t be “at the expense of everyone else”.

So will we see other queer Australian venues follow suit? Will Drag Queens no longer have to live in fear of having their wigs torn off by rogue brides-to-be?

Will wedding parties find other ways to celebrate without making spectacles of queer spaces? Only time will tell.

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