Iconic Drag Race star comes out as trans

Drag Race All Stars 6 Laganja Estranja

Rupaul’s Drag Race season six contestant Laganja Estranja has revealed she is a proud trans woman.

Shortly before her appearance on Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Six Laganja came out publicly.

“I’m not going to live my life in fear anymore” she told EW magazine prior to her appearance.

“I am so proud to identify as trans”

During pride month this year Laganja felt it was important to use her platform and come out publicly.

Wanting to give a voice to her community and to help guide others who may still be struggling motivated her to speak up.

“Being a drag queen in itself is inherently political and being trans is even more so. As more people like Elliot Page coming forward as trans, like Demi Lovato coming forward as nonbinary, the more the landscape can change, and the more that people have to accept the truth. Gender is a construct, and we’re all tearing it apart” Laganja told Entertainment Weekly.

In her lengthy interview Laganja Estranja opened up about all aspects of her journey as she came to terms with her identity.

From her struggles to perform with her own hair, coming out as non-binary and her decision to come out before her physical transition she is candid and honest.

“I tried to be male and be in-between and nonbinary.” She said.

The truth is I’m a feminine entity and I can live this life.”

Laganja later took to instagram to thank the community for their outpouring of support for the performer following her announcement.


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Laganja Estranja on Drag Race

Appearing on season six of Rupaul’s Drag Race saw her become a polarising character.

From her iconic death drop performance during her entrance to her many quirky work room moments she definitely left her mark.

Loud, over the top and emotional moments ensured a memorable time on the program for Laganja.

Finishing in 8th place after incredibly emotional scenes there was scepticism that she would ever return to the program.

Seven years later saw the return of Laganja Estranga to the Drag Race stage for THAT iconic lip sync on All Stars 6. 

After calls for her return for All Stars 7 it prompted her to announce she would never be returning to the franchise as a contestant.

Taking to instagram the performer set the record straight for her fans

“I appreciate you all wanting to see more of me. But I am completely at peace with this being my last moment.

“Hopefully they will bring me back as a choreographer. But otherwise, this was the perfect goodbye. I went back and delivered exactly what you have been asking for – catchphrase and all. This is enough and so am I.”

Relive the iconic Drag Race All Stars lip sync between Laganja Estranja and Trinity K Bonet below

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