‘I am proof that the damage done can be overcome’, says Hannah Gadsby 

Hannah Gadsby
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Comedian Hannah Gadsby has proudly shared a selfie on social media from her old high school to mark the 25th anniversary of homosexuality being decriminalised in Tasmania. 

Originally from Smithton in Tasmania’s North West, Gadsby has become an internationally celebrated comedian in recent years off the back of her shows Nanette and Douglas.

Hannah Gadsby speaks up

In the midst of the Me Too movement in 2018, the timing of Gadsby’s Nanette – with its themes of sexism, homophobia and violence – had global resonance.

“When I attended Smithton High way back in the day… all (positive) chat about homosexuality was banned in schools,” Gadsby wrote.

“Homosexuality itself was illegal in Tasmania until 1997… a couple of days ago marked the 25th anniversary of gay law reform in my home state.

“I ran away full of shame… but now, I not only feel welcome but a valued part of the fabric of the small world I grew up in.”

“Needless to say I’ll be saying GAY a lot and saying it unapologetically.”

Currently in  Florida to perform a show, Gadsby said she felt “immense sadness” for students and educators in the wake of Florida’s “Don’t say Gay” bill.

In March Florida’s parliament passed a bill that prohibits discussion of sexuality and gender identity in the classroom.

“Students and educators alike… are being hatefully pushed into shame closets by way of some very dodgy legal maneuvering all made cynically in the name of heartless political game play,” Gadsby said.

“Needless to say I’ll be saying GAY a lot and saying it unapologetically.”

“I am proof that the damage done can be overcome.”

Hannah has recently released her book Ten Steps To Nanette which details her life growing up in the small Tasmanian town.


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1 Comment

  1. Yolande Stiffel
    5 May 2022


    What a wonderful word to say.
    “I am Gay!”
    A word we share in more than one way
    And as an acronym, says I am:
    Godly As You,
    Gorgeous And Young,
    Grand And Youthful,
    Grounded And Yourself.
    It means I am happy.
    I am light-hearted and
    I am carefree!
    Who would not be proud to be GAY?
    So to anyone who is LGBTQIA,
    Don’t be ashamed,
    Or afraid to declare who you are!
    It is we who deny you the right to be,
    Who have the problem
    That we ourselves don’t want to see.
    You are the beautiful, courageous and strong
    And we the blind,
    Who can’t see when we are wrong.

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