HYBPA star Owain Wyn Evans reacts to homophobic letter from viewer

BBC presenter and Have You Been Paying Attention guest Owain Wyn Evans
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Gay British TV presenter Owain Wyn Evans has been flooded with support after he clapped back at a horrible note he received from a homophobic viewer.

The 38-year-old Welsh star is a weather presenter for the BBC and for the past few years has been a recurring guest quizmaster on Australia’s Have You Been Paying Attention? (above).

This week, Evans took to Twitter to share the image of the letter he’d received from an anonymous viewer who called him homophobic slurs and said his camp persona was putting them “off their meal”.

Evans tweeted to explain that the “vast majority” of letters he receives “from people are so, so lovely”.

But, he added, he still finds it “bizarre that people take time to scrawl stuff like this onto a notepad and send it to me.”

“Hope this camp pic doesn’t put you off any meals dahlings!” he added.

Owain Wyn Evans shared a photo of the message paired with the photo of himself sitting proudly on top of his signature drum kit. Evans’ drumming videos went viral around the world in early 2020.

But the viewer’s letter read, “You raving bloody puff, do you have to be so camp on TV. It puts me off my meal! Stay in bloody Wales were [sic] you belong.”

Owain Wyn Evans Twitter followers react to viewer’s note

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK queen Divina De Campo responded, “Love you and so does my mum which is a ringing endorsement.”

Another wrote, “So do we start with the hate or the poor grammar and spelling? Thanks for showing this and I’m sorry you received it. As always, there are so many more who think you’re wonderful.”

“Imagine writing sideways on notepaper and not on the lines though,” somebody else replied.

Owain Wyn Evans describes himself in his Instagram bio as “Unapologetically flamboyant”. He told The Guardian last year he’s received “a lot” of homophobic abuse online over the years.

“Unfortunately, when you have any kind of profile – and I have a tiny profile compared to a lot of famous people – you get it,” he said.

“Not everybody will like you. Not everybody will accept you.”

He said that earlier in his TV career, he was also advised to tone down his personality.

“When I was younger I thought my life would be easier if I wasn’t gay,” Evans said.

“But I want everybody who feels they don’t want to be themselves to know that they’ve got it wrong – you are you and that’s to be celebrated.”

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