Hungary pulls out of Eurovision: ‘the homosexual flotilla’

homosexual flotilla
Joci Pápai, Hungary's Eurovision 2019 entrant

Hungary announced this week it will not participate in Eurovision 2020. The Hungarian government remained guarded in their response. However, András Bencsik, a pro-government media personality welcomed the move, describing Eurovision as a ‘homosexual flotilla’. 

Maybe something got lost in translation, but a fear of gays in boats seems just a tad irrational.

Admittedly, Eurovision is camp AF and there’s a high gay participation.

The only thing there’s more of at Eurovision than sequins is Grindr profiles.

Admittedly, I’m no Eurovision expert.

The only bit I watched this year was the YouTube vid of Madge as desperately in search of a note as Trump for Melania’s hand.

Madonna LIVE @ Eurovision 2019 aka ‘the homosexual flotilla’

Sources within MTVA, the Hungarian public broadcaster, told the Guardian they suspected the pronounced LGBTIQ culture on display at Eurovision prompted the move.

Other less discreet sources got straight to the point, describing the annual song contest as ‘too gay’.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán makes no secret of his antipathy to LGBTIQ people. He is one of a now long list of world leaders described as a ‘strong man’.

A strong man was once a circus bodybuilder. Now the expression is generally code for a sniveling corrupt bully who attacks minorities.

Orbán campaigns on ‘family values’ (don’t they all?) while his political allies cast the usual slurs at the LGBTIQ communities.

After Coca-Cola used a gay couple in an advertisement earlier this year, an MP from his party called for a boycott of Coke.

László Kövér, Orbán’s parliamentary Speaker, compared advocates for same-sex marriage to pedophiles. He also unfavourably compared people proposing same-sex adoption rights to his idea of a ‘normal’ homosexual.

“[The normal homosexual] tries to fit into this world while he doesn’t necessarily think he is equal.”

Dear Mr. Kövér, GFY.

Hungary’s poor track record at the ‘homosexual flotilla’

Poor old Hungary hasn’t fared too well at Eurovision over the years.

Indeed, its fourth place in 1994 remains it’s best placing ever.

Last year, it failed to qualify for a final. Perhaps that has something to do with it. National pride and all that.

Anyway, here’s a vid of the 2019 winner – not a bad song.

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