Hundreds stand by while gay men bashed – one man did not

gay men bashed

Hundreds of people stood and watched two gay men bashed at Jaffa Port in Israel on Saturday. However, thankfully, one brave man intervened and stopped the violence.

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Itzik Avneri, the man who intervened, spoke to Israeli newspaper Haaretz about the attack.


“I have a tour boat in the port, and there was a holiday for the past few days when a lot of Muslims come to the port to have a good time and take a cruise.

“Two guys got on the boat to go sailing and when it ended, they got off and sat on the dock next to each other. Other people saw them and spat at them.”

Avneri said that he asked a man why he spat at the couple.

“Because we’re Arabs and they’re gays, and there won’t be gays among the Arabs. It gives Arabs a bad name.”

Some men then physically attacked the young couple. One of the victims said that 20 men took part in the original attack.

“About 20 people jumped on me and started beating me. I took out pepper spray and sprayed the entire can, so they ran away. Then the owner came and started pushing them away until only the two seen in the video were left…

“They wanted to throw me into the water. They wanted to kill me. I thought I would die… The port was full of people. No one helped.”

Rescuer threw one attacker into the water

Avneri took the two men into a private area for their protection.

“I pulled the victims out and put them into the private area of the port where the ships dock, because there is a fence there so I could protect them.

“Two of the gang jumped over the fence and they began to hit and kick them.”

Avneri again went to the victim’s aid but found one of the attackers difficult to fight off.


“So I threw him into the water. This violence was just because of hate. There was no talk between them, all they did was look a little bit different, that’s all.”

Avneri added, “What you don’t see in the video is 500 people, not a single one of them lifted a finger.”

Police later arrested one of the youths involved in the attack and are looking for others.

IGY, Israel’s LGBT youth group described the beatings as “the nightmare of every LGBT child in Israel.

“We congratulate the police on the prompt arrest of the criminals. It should be clear. Violence against LGBT people continues to rage, and we must fight it with all our might, and in all parts of Israeli society.”

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