Hundreds rally in Brisbane for Kill the Bill protest

kill the bill
Image: Drew Pavlou/Twitter

Hundreds rallied against the Religious Freedoms legislation in Brisbane’s King George Square earlier today for the Kill the Bill Protest.

Protestors firstly heard from community leaders and other speakers in front of Brisbane City Hall.

Johnny Valkyrie, rally organiser, said, “The Religious Discrimination Bill jeopardises the human rights of everyone. Those who will be disadvantaged the most are LGBTQIA+ people, people with disabilities, First Nations people and anyone requiring sexual healthcare. We demand an Australian Human Rights Act, which will protect people of faith and everyone, without jeopardising anyone.”

Both the Labor and Greens candidates for Central Ward in the coming council elections agreed the bill was dangerous and effects everyone.

Judi Jabour, the Labor candidate for Central Ward told the rally, “We need government that ensures dignity and fairness.”

Greens candidate Trina Massey said, “We need government that ensures human rights, not privileged discrimination.”

Kath Angus, Greens Lord Mayoral candidate illustrated the personal repercussions of the bill.

“My child is exhibiting symptoms of gender dysphoria. To see you all so visible and thriving means that I know whoever my child grows up to be that they will be okay. That you will stand with them.”

Kill the Bill march through CBD

The protestors then marched through the city to Speakers’ Corner of the Queensland Parliament House.

Speakers denounced the bill as harming Australia’s most marginalised people, including people of faith.

Following the protest, Brisbane Lord Mayoral candidate Pat Condon posted a video of the march through Brisbane.

Kill the Bill march

Earlier, Jan Bowie posted some great shots of the rally and summed up some of the hidden dangers of the legislation.

“The implications of this proposed Bill are significant for everyone. It will allow Doctors and Pharmacists to refuse certain treatments based on their personal beliefs. Imagine how that will impact young women and #LGBTQI people in some country towns. It will allow employment discrimination.

“Stand with your #LGBTQI friends and family. Do it for yourselves and your kids. Write to, or talk with your MP. This is important.”

Daile Kelleher also posted some great pics from the protest.

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