Hundreds Protest Vicious Murder of Turkish Transgender Activist

Turkey Trans Murder - Hande Kader

Hundreds stormed the streets in Istanbul, Turkey on the weekend to condemn the recent murder of LGBTI activist and transgender woman Hande Kader.

The body of Kader, a high-profile Turkish LGBTI activist and sex worker, was found burned in a forest outside Istanbul after she was last seen getting into the car of a client, according to local media.

The Istanbul LGBTI Pride Week committee said in a statement: “We feel great anger: our beloved friend Hande Kader was burned to death.

“Hande was a person who raised her voice against hate crimes and encouraged everyone to raise their voices too.

“We are constantly shouting at LGBTI+ Prides, Trans Prides and other protests that homophobic and transphobic statements are leading to hate crimes, murderers often escape unpunished, and hate crime laws are urgent.

“Unfortunately, our Prides have been banned in the last two years, yet we need to be seen, to be on the streets and to shout our demands in order to end hate crimes.”

According to rights group Transgender Europe, Turkey is first in Europe and ninth in the world in murders of transgender people, with 41 trans people killed between January 2008 and December 2015.

Hande Kader regularly protested against violence against the trans community.

She refused to move when the 2015 LGBTI Pride March in Istanbul’s Taksim Square was dispersed with pepper spray and rubber bullets, calling out the press at the time, saying: “You take pictures but you do not publish them. No-one is hearing our voices.”

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