Hugh Sheridan was secretly married to fellow entertainer for years

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Hugh Sheridan has revealed that they were secretly married to a fellow entertainer for around nine years.

Speaking on Jessica Rowe’s Big Talk Show podcast, the actor, who uses they/them pronouns, said the private wedding took place in July 2011.

Hugh Sheridan wouldn’t reveal the identity of their former spouse, but suggested they were also in the entertainment industry.

“I can’t say their name because they were in the same industry, so [I] couldn’t really be specific about that. But I was married,” Sheridan said.

“We were solidly together for about seven [years] and then the last couple we were traveling a lot and it got too hard. But we’re still very good friends.”

The actor revealed that only close friends and family knew about the pair’s relationship. Sheridan also claimed they officially divorced a few years ago.

“I think privacy is personal and I think most people should be entitled to it,” they said.

“I was finding increasingly, if you don’t speak out about your private life, people can assume that you’re ashamed or that you’ve got some sort of an agenda or that you are denying other people their self-expression by not talking about it.

Sheridan went on to joke, “I’ve gotta get married a few more times!

“There’s plenty more engagements to come, and I am definitely single. I can confirm that right now.”

Hugh Sheridan and fiancé Kurt Roberts split last year

Last year, the actor sadly announced in November last year that their engagement with ex Kurt Roberts was off.

“For now we didn’t make it, but we tried very, very hard. I’m so sorry for us that it wasn’t easy and I’m sorry for the added pressure,” Sheridan wrote.

“In retrospect, having a first public relationship, that public, that fast, might’ve been too much pressure on us,” Sheridan continued.

“Maybe it was COVID or quarantines or us working to hard (I take the blame for full responsibility for the working hours), maybe it’s dad’s death, or all the above.

“The point is Kurt is incredibly kind, someone who is earnestly caring and helped me through a very tough time.”

Hugh Sheridan set up Rebel Wilson with girlfriend

Earlier this year, Hugh Sheridan took the credit for setting up good friend Rebel Wilson with her girlfriend Ramona Agruma.

Wilson announced the new relationship in June, sharing that she had found her “Disney princess”.

Sheridan later told 2Day FM they had been “setting Rebel up with various people and Ramona up with various people”.

“I’m a bit of a matchmaker in my spare time, but Rebel was a really hard one and so was Ramona,” they said.

“Ramona’s very smart. She speaks lots of languages. She’s a really great European woman. Rebel’s a very smart lawyer.

“I was in New York and I had just split up with my ex and feeling very sad… Rebel said, ‘I just can’t imagine how you feel because I’ve never been in love before,’ and I thought, gosh she’s a hard one to crack.”

Sheridan then had a lightbulb moment when they realised the two women could be perfect for each other.

“They spoke for a week or so and then Rebel flew back from Australia to meet her, and they’ve been together ever since,” the actor recalled.

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