Hugh Sheridan talks about playing matchmaker for Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson Ramona Agruma Hugh Sheridan
Rebel Wilson, Ramona Agruma, Hugh Sheridan and friends at Disneyland. Image: Instagram

Australian actor Hugh Sheridan has revealed they were the matchmaker behind Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma’s romance.

On Friday, Australian actress and Hollywood darling Rebel Wilson revealed on Instagram that she had found her “Disney Princess” in designer Ramona Agruma.

It was the first time Rebel had come out publicly, stating that while she had been searching for a “Disney Prince”, maybe she had really needed a princess all along. 

Sheridan later revealed on 2Day FM’s Hughesy, Ed and Erin that they had played cupid. 

“I’m a bit of a matchmaker in my spare time, I like to match people up and I’ve got a very good success rate. A few marriages in there,” they said.

Friends with both Wilson and Agruma, Sheridan said they had a lightbulb moment when they realised the two women could be perfect for each other. 

“They’ve been together ever since”

“Ramona is really smart, she speaks lots of languages … and Rebel is very smart. I was in New York and I’d just split up with my ex and was feeling very sad and Rebel said, ‘I can’t imagine how you feel because I’ve never really been in love before,’ and I thought, gosh she’s a hard one to crack,” Sheridan explained.

“But then I just had this thought that maybe I’m looking in the wrong spot. 

“I think a woman who’s that successful it takes a very strong man … But a woman with a woman who’s successful, they’ll just lift each other up … Then I thought of Ramona straight away.

However, Sheridan revealed that they did not initially tell Rebel that they had passed on the number of a female friend. 

“I told Ramona, ‘give me a minute’, and I told Rebel later on that it’s a girl,” they said.

“They spoke for a week or so and then Rebel flew back from Australia to meet her, and they’ve been together ever since.”

Sheridan said after seeing the couple together, they were very confident that the two women were in it for the long haul. 

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