‘How to Build a Sex Room’ has everyone talking

How To Build a sex room

How to Build a Sex Room is the hit new Netflix show capturing the attention of audiences worldwide.

Hosted by the adorably adventurous Melanie Rose this captivating program takes viewers on a fascinating journey into kink and sexuality.

How to Build a Sex Room

The premise of How to Build a Sex Room is relatively simple.

Participants of the program are seeking to spice up their lives with, you guessed it, a sex room.

But there’s a lot to be said for this adventurous and titillating program.

It’s more than dildos, whips and chains.

How to Build a Sex Room is as informative and educational as it is entertaining and spicy.

Melanie Rose is an energetic and enthusiastic host and designer who springs to life on screen.

Melanie Rose How To Build a Sex room

She’s known as the Mary Poppins of sex rooms for a reason.

In each episode she takes the time to get to know and understand the sexual desires of her participants to create a safe and exciting place for them to explore.

The end result is always stunning.

But it’s not just the rooms that command our attention, it’s the participants.

Everyday people, from all walks of life

It would be very easy for How to Build a Sex Room to fall into the simple formula of “boring straight couple want to fix their sex life,” however it is anything but.

Over the course of eight episodes, Melanie invites the audience into relationships from all walks of life.

Each situation is handled with grace and care as she works to develop their perfect space.

Love and relationships are at the centre of the program and How to Build a Sex Room shows them in all shapes and forms.

The program features two men living in a long-distance relationship and in contrast two women living out of their van.

Performers Bettie and Brody explore their kinks and desires as Brody explains their non-binary identity and their sexual exploration with Bettie

Polyamory even features across two episodes as Melanie is tasked with creating a space for a polyamorous family of seven.

Each episode is full of new and exciting concepts, colourful characters and incredible transformations.

If you haven’t watched yet, you’re missing out.

How to Build a Sex Room is streaming now on Netflix.

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