How international cam2cam extortion racket targeted an Aussie

cam2cam extortion racket
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International cam2cam extortion rackets operate by recording victims masturbating while at the same time searching for details that reveal their real identity.

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QNews spoke with a bisexual Gold Coast man subjected to a cam2cam extortion attempt. Logan showed us messages and video sent to him by a blackmailer.

The incident occurred after he signed up for a free membership on a popular cam-site in order to participate in the chat. He used his usual non-identifying username. However, he uses that same username on various social media and in his email address.

While watching a bisexual cam, he received a private message from another viewer.

“Hi. Aussies are hot. Any pics? My boyfriend is coming over soon. Cam2cam?”

“Just watching. Not spending,” Logan told the woman.

“No $. We’re just looking for fun.”

Logan accepted the invite.

When the ‘boyfriend’ arrived, the woman muted her cam while she talked to him. Logan noticed the room looked less like an actual bedroom and more like a cam studio set — just a daybed and one large framed print on the otherwise bare walls, but he’d paid no money and given no credit card details so he ignored that detail.

The boyfriend stripped off. The woman took hold of his penis and began to pretend to lick it from about an inch away. The boyfriend urged Logan to join the action.

“Come on man. I wanna see ya dick. Get it out and she’ll suck me.”

After Logan stripped off, the girl’s tongue moved a little closer and the man continued to urge Logan to action.

“I like that big cut dick. We’d both like to get out mouths on that. Get it hard for us.”

When Logan began to masturbate, the male suddenly dressed and left. The camera swung to another young man sitting at a table typing furiously.

Check you email

“Check your email,” the woman told Logan without any of her former friendliness, “I’ve sent you something.”

“You don’t know my email address.”

“Yes, I do.”

The email contained a clip of Logan masturbating, a screengrab of a post from his mother on his Facebook page, other personal details and a demand for US$150 to avoid the video being posted to a porn site.

During the 15 minutes since the woman first contacted him, her accomplice searched his username and managed to identify him, and among other things, his email address and his Facebook page.

Fortunately, Logan is openly bisexual and an exhibitionist. He laughed.

“Don’t f***ing laugh,” the woman snarled, “Your mother won’t laugh when she sees this.”

“Yes, she will.”

The man at the computer joined in the abuse and threats and Logan listened and mocked for another five minutes before closing the app.

Extortion Racket

“Their persistence blew me away. Even when I made it clear I didn’t care, they kept trying.

“It didn’t worry me, but I am out and I’m self-employed. I can only imagine the problems and stress something like that would cause some of my mates.

“I never expected when I registered for the site to be targeted by an extortion racket.

“I’ve become much warier online and I’ll make up a new username next time I go on a cam-site.”


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