Warwick Rowers naked calendar to fight homophobia

hottest men warwick rowers naked calendar

When the Warwick Rowers decided to do a naked calendar, they attracted a lot of interest from gay men. And they loved it!

In fact, the boys on the team decided to create and fund their own anti-homophobia program. They called the program Sport Allies.  They dedicated the organisation to standing up against homophobia in sport.

The Warwick Rowers’ naked calendars become more popular every year.

Indeed, if these hot pics and the sexy teaser video are anything to go by, the 2016 version might prove the best yet.

Warwick Rowers Naked Calendar Video

Warwick Rowers 2016 Calendar

In the video, the boys discuss the problems with homophobia in sport and how people can play their part to end it.

“As sportsmen, doing a naked calendar has given us a chance — that nobody should be afraid of anyone else’s sexuality.”

Collectively, they said that they aspire to be “men who are not afraid to be themselves, to embrace people of every gender and sexuality, and to show our affection for each other.”

We love it!

To help support the Warwick Rowers and Sport allies, check out www.warwickrowers.org

Update 2019

Recently the Warwick Rowers changed their branding. Henceforth they are known as the Worldwide Roar.

They speak of their continuing campaign against homophobia on their new website.

They “invite sportsmen around the world to get naked with one aim – to change how we look at men.”

Warwick Rowers first Aussie calendar

Warwick Rowers Nude Male Striptease

2018 Warwick Rowers Calendar

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