Homophobic Christian group says gay Bonds ad ‘contaminates Christmas’

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Photo: Bonds/FamilyVoice Australia

Homophobic Christian group FamilyVoice Australia has called on its supporters to complain to Bonds after an underwear ad featuring a gay couple went viral.

The ad shows a real-life couple, Nicolas and Steve, passionately kissing against the kitchen counter wearing matching underwear.

“It’s the little moments that make Christmas season so special,” the social media caption reads.

But the ad has seriously triggered FamilyVoice Australia. The group sent followers a hilariously censored version (above) and urged them to complain.

“Images of two men kissing passionately while sporting only their Bonds underwear is hardly the appropriate message at any time of the year – and particularly not at Christmas,” FamilyVoice spokesperson David d’Lima said.

“Christmas is a special time that bonds faith and family. It should not be contaminated by businesses pushing explicit images into the marketplace.

“Many Australian families will no longer be comfortable purchasing from a company that displays a blatant disregard for the nativity season.”

The ad was applauded on Bonds social media accounts earlier this week, despite some homophobic criticism.

However, FamilyVoice has gone as far as calling the gorgeous gay ad “disgusting” and “appalling”.

“Bonds should apologise and withdraw its current advert that undermines the bonds of faith ahead of Christmas,” he said.

“I encourage you to send a very short but polite email to Bonds, urging them to turn away from endorsing same-sex behaviour and to cease undermining family and faith, especially ahead of Christmas.”

Bonds ad gay couple say visibility is important

Earlier this week, the real-life couple in the ad, Nicolas and Steve, said they want same-sex couples to see themselves in the media.

“The main issue is that the photo wouldn’t be causing as much controversy if it was a straight couple,” Nicolas told the Daily Telegraph.

He said the ads are a message to young queer people “so they can be validated by seeing someone like them represented in mainstream media.”

“We’re two adults showing their love for one another. It’s just a little smooch, really,” he said.

“If they were to include us in any future campaigns we would definitely want to be involved. We’re really proud of what they have done.”

Emily Small, general manager of Bonds’ parent company HANES, said the campaign “celebrates the bonds that make the season and those are different for every individual.”

“We are a brand that celebrate all Australians,” she said.

“We wish the couple featured in our social media post along with everyone else an equally special and enjoyable festive season.”

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