Mr Burns and Smithers

By Kevin Hardy

An upcoming episode of The Simpsons will address the subject of Waylon Smithers’ sexuality.

Waylon Smithers, the loyal personal assistant of Mr Burns, has been working at the Nuclear Power Plant for almost 26 years—as long as the show has been airing.

And his sexuality has been a topic of debate in The Simpsons ever since the show hinted that he has feelings for Mr Burns.

Other characters on the show appear to be familiar with the fact that Smithers has romantic feelings towards Burns, and the show has featured his fantasies about the power plant owner, but he has never openly discussed it.

However, previously executive producer Al Jean admitted to TVLine that Burns did not know about Smithers by saying: “In Springfield now, most people know he’s gay, but obviously Burns doesn’t.”

According to the official synopsis for the episode, titled The Burns Cage and set to air in the US on April 3, Burns will break Smithers’ heart with his lack of reciprocal affection towards him.

According to reports, Homer Simpson will make it his personal mission to find a boyfriend for him by using a dating app.

The Smithers storyline comes more than ten years after Marge Simpson’s sister Patty came out as a lesbian in 2005.

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