Home for Christmas: Josh Daveta’s Christmas choir with a twist

Josh Daveta and the Sequins
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and this year – for the fourth year running – Josh Daveta is here to help you celebrate a little differently.

Home for Christmas is a genre-bending, orchestral Christmas experience. 

Accompanied by the wickedly talented 11-piece band, The Sequins, Daveta will be presenting a 75 minute concert of all our Christmas favourites.

Some will be performed as we know and love them, but a lot of the songs will be flipped on their head in a really exciting way,” Daveta told QNews.

“After all, there’s only so many versions of the classic Joy to the World that we can stomach in our lives.”

Taking us through a magical soundscape of jazz, gospel, soul and blues, Home for Christmas is a tour de force of musical magnificence.

This year, Josh Daveta & The Sequins will be joined by Asabi Goodman, who plays Motormouth Maybelle in the National Tour of Hairspray and most recently starred in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis (2022).

The pair will also be joined by the Brisbane City Gospel Choir, who Daveta promises will add that extra level of “festive spirit”.

Something special about Christmas

So what is it about Christmas? Is Josh Daveta trying to usurp the throne of the Queen of Christmas herself, Mariah Carey? Well, not exactly.

“If I wanted to dethrone Mariah I would first need to write the next most iconic holiday classic of the modern generation,” joked Daveta.

“Add on at least another $50 million on top of that, and only then could I manage to get even close to her status.

“But I don’t think I could write anything better than ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ – It’s just so perfect.”

What Daveta does have in common with Mariah though, is a flair for the festive.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I love Christmas. My core group of friends is very festive as well, actually. We celebrate each other’s festive craziness.

“But when I celebrate Christmas with my immediate family, it’s not so much about the festivities as it is about being together.

“So, at risk of sounding cheesy, this show is a reflection of my heart – of the two things that are most important to me around this time: the pageantry and the gathering.

A Christmas star is born

For many, Christmas carries a nostalgic significance, or fond childhood memories.

For Daveta, however, these memories marked an awakening, and the beginning of a star on the rise.

“I grew up attending church. So it was really common every year that the church would put on a Christmas concert of some sort.

“I would get to sing lead as part of the choir and the church would hire camels or donkeys – it was an entire production. 

“So that’s when I began looking forward to Christmas every year. I liked that I could actually enjoy it without the consumerist and capitalist aspect.

“But I really do enjoy the hustle and bustle of the festive season.”

A time for gathering

But of course, especially for many queer people, Christmas is not necessarily a time of joy.

For Daveta, however, this space they have cultivated isn’t just a celebration of Christmas. It’s a celebration of community.

I do recognize that it can be a lonely time for people as well. But Home for Christmas is for everyone.

“You might come to the show and feel like you don’t know anyone in the room. But you’ll walk away feeling warmer, maybe a little bit more loved as well.

“Over time, especially when more people started being added to the show, I realised that a lot of our audience weren’t necessarily coming to celebrate Christmas, but were coming for the community.

“They were coming for gospel music without being preached to. Home for Christmas is about feeling welcomed, feeling loved.

“So in some ways, we have cultivated a safe space, especially for our queer families. That’s the best part of all. 

So what does the future hold for Home for Christmas?

“There’s always a plan for bigger and better things,” Daveta says.

“But that will all come in time. Eventually, I’d love to have an angel spinning on the ceiling, a Santa coming down on the sleigh and a hologram of Mariah Carey appearing on stage.

“But at the end of the day, the intimacy and the connection that we have with our audience is so integral.

“And no matter how big the show gets, I never, ever want to lose that.”

Don’t miss the magic of Josh Daveta & The Sequins in Home for Christmas this holiday season. Get your tickets now!

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