WATCH: Home and Away lesbian kisses cut for Aussie audiences

home and away lesbian kiss willow and alex
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Channel 7 has responded to fans of soap Home and Away who were left outraged after at least two scenes featuring the show’s lesbian couple kissing were edited from Australian screens.

The first scene, from last November, featured couple Alex and Willow talking in a bar. However the version aired in New Zealand showed the pair sharing a kiss, but the moment was missing from Australian TV.

Instead, audiences see Alex (Zoe Ventoura) tell Willow (Sarah Roberts) she will get them a drink, before heading to the bar.

In the Australian broadcast of a separate episode, Willow gave a long and emotional speech to her girlfriend before the scene ends.

But New Zealand audiences saw the characters for 40 more seconds as they kissed and planned a trip together.

Viewers of the show took to social media to express their disappointment in the removal of the scenes.

In response, Channel 7 said it accidentally aired the wrong versions of the episodes and blamed the edits on “human error”.

Social media spots the difference

Fans were made aware of the cuts after scenes from the New Zealand version were circulated online.

Alex Shillington covers queer pop culture on social media and has been following Alex and Willow’s love story.

She told ABC News she was disappointed in Channel 7’s move to cut the scenes.

“I would genuinely love for there to be a decent reason that is not them just censoring it,” she said.

“[Because] that edited version really downplays their relationship.”

In a statement to the ABC, Channel 7 blamed the Home and Away edits on “human error”.

The television network said the episode which aired in Australia was not the final version.

“As with any television show, numerous changes are made throughout the post-production process all the way up until the final broadcast,” it said.

Channel 7 also said the full scenes would be added to their streaming service 7plus. It said the episodes would be updated “to reflect the final version”.

Lack of diversity in Home and Away

Home and Away has shown same-sex couples before but not since 2009.

At the time, the lesbian couple copped backlash from conservatives, with family groups lobbying against the relationship.

Then in 2018, the show introduced its first gay character in years, but his stint on the show was brief. It only lasted six weeks.

Its rival show Neighours, however, has been killing it when it comes to gay representation. They’ve even had a same-sex wedding!

But Ms Shillington said it’s important we have broad and proper LGBTIQ representation on television.

“Of course it is a soap opera, there’s going to be ups and downs,” she said.

“But I would like it all to play out like they would play it out for a straight couple.”

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