Historic Brisbane Pride flag is missing. Have you seen it?

Brisbane Pride Flag
Image: Jordan Hirst

A historic piece of Brisbane Pride memorabilia has gone missing.

After this year’s Pride Fair Day the Pride flag has vanished from the Fair Day site.

The Brisbane Pride committee is asking for your help.

Have you seen the Brisbane Pride flag?

Each year the flag is a significant part of the Brisbane Pride March.

During the rally speeches, the original flag can be seen hanging from the balcony above the crowd.

As the march commences a replica of the flag is carried above the crowd as thousands march underneath it up Brunswick St to New Farm Park.

After this years march the replica flag was transported to New Farm park as usual for Pride Fair Day.

From there it was last seen outside the gates to Brisbane Pride Fair Day on Saturday the 30th of October.

Those commenting on the organisation’s Facebook page say they saw it there as late as 4pm in the afternoon.

Since then it has not been seen.

Brisbane Pride Festival is seeking anyone with information to contact them via hello@brisbanepride.org.au

Our Pride Flag: A piece of world history

If the original flag were to be lost it would be a devasting blow to the organisation and to our history.

Thankfully it is only the replica that is missing.

The original flag itself is a part of world pride history, originating in San Franciso.

In 1978 Gilbert Baker designed the original pride flag.

Originally created with 6 colours due to supply issues and a desire to make it more symmetrical the flag was later redesigned.

In 2003 to commemorate 25 years of the flag he unveiled a massive 1.5-mile long flag featuring all 8 colours.

This was used as part of the Key West Pride Celebrations.

After the march, it was decided that the flag would be cut into 150 pieces and sent to pride organisations around the world.

Brisbane Pride was the only organisation in Australia to receive a piece of this world history, they have been the custodians ever since.

It is also understood to be the biggest rainbow flag in Australia.

In order to preserve the original flag, the organisation commissioned a replica flag for use during the march and other public events.

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  1. Paul Mitchell
    3 November 2021

    ⚠️I am yet to see a bill being introduced to ban Nazi flags in Queensland and another bill to reform birth certificates for gender diverse individuals. ⚠️

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