HETEROPHOBIC TAXI DRIVER VIDEO CLIP – HE SAYS “We don’t usually take heteros in the car, you know?”

A “heterophobic” taxi driver has released a video clip to highlight what gay people are all too often forced to put up with.
There has been a spate of recent incidents where gay couples have been thrown out of cars for kissing.
So the Hailo driver decided to put the boot on the other foot and target straight couples instead, rigging up hidden cameras in his cab.
In the clip, the cabbie takes a phone call from a colleague, who rants to him about “straight couples” in the back of the car that were “holding hands”, Pink News reports.
He says: “I wouldn’t have them in the car, and that would be the end of it.”
When challenged, he says: “We don’t usually take heteros in the car, you know? Nothing against them, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a heterophobe.
“We have an uncle that’s straight. We don’t talk to him that much.
“It was Cain and Abel you know? It wasn’t Jane and Abel.”
Rival cab company Uber suspended a London driver earlier this month for claiming there were “no gays allowed” in his car while two other drivers were suspended in January over similar incidents.

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