Hervey Bay man desperate for posthumous wedding

robin drury Jyee Kevill posthumous wedding
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Hervey Bay man Robin Drury has told the Fraser Coast Chronicle he is desperate for a posthumous wedding with fiance Jyee Kevill who died last year.

Robin Drury said he previously campaigned tirelessly for marriage equality. He now faces a new battle for the right to a posthumous wedding.

“Given I spent 15 years marching in parades protesting inequality, starting and signing hundreds of petitions to have same-sex marriage legalised and emailing and calling federal MPs dozens of times to push them in the right direction, and now add to that the fact that it was in fact made legal for me to marry another man, it would be nice if I could actually have the opportunity to have a wedding, no matter how heartbreaking the circumstances around that wedding will be.”

Robin Drury and Jyee Kevill

Robin and Jyee planned to marry in May 2020. However, they postponed the wedding because of the pandemic.

Six weeks later, Jyee collapsed at a local shopping centre. A blood condition made him susceptible to clotting. He died from a pulmonary embolism.

Speaking to the Fraser Coast Chronicle about his relationship, Robin described words like partner, boyfriend, and fiance as insufficient.

“When I talk about Jyee, which is constantly, I should be able to refer to him as my late husband.

“Without a posthumous marriage, I‘ll never get to have a wedding.

“I know categorically that I will never be with anyone else again.”

Robin and Jyee chose white suits for their wedding prior to Jyee’s death. Robin chose to wear his white suit for Jyee’s funeral and Jyee was also dressed in his for the service.

Despite losing Jyee, Robin said his late fiance will remain a positive influence on his life. He said Jyee had been loving and wise beyond his years.

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  1. Russell Grenning
    17 December 2021

    However understandable Robin Drury’s grief is, the simple fact is that it is not legally possible for anybody – irrespective of their sexuality – to marry a corpse. the very act of marriage requires the live consent of both parties. Sadly, there can never ever be a marriage under these circumstances.

    • Sten Hård
      18 December 2021

      While I understand and agree with the active consent requirement for marriage, your point that, ” Sadly, there can never ever be a marriage under these circumstances”, is not necessarily correct. There are countries where posthumous marriage is permitted; France for example.
      So, It would be more accurate to say that such a marriage is not possible in this country at the moment. Who can know the future?

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