Here’s The Best Reactions To That Latest ‘No’ Campaign Skywriting

The word “no” appeared in the sky above Melbourne on Tuesday.

A skywriter wrote the word a number of times above the Melbourne CBD about 12:30pm.

A group opposing same-sex marriage claimed responsibility for the stunt and are reportedly the same activists who crowdfunded to pay for the words “Vote No” to be written in the sky above Sydney in September.

Australian Greens leader Richard Di Natale slammed the message on social media on Tuesday, tweeting: “This is not what Melbourne is about. We will #ChooeseLove and #VoteYes. Love is love.”

Social media users also took to Twitter to point out the anti-equality message was a little bit unclear:

Some other Melburnians took the liberty of finishing the design:

Others were determined to figure out who was behind it:

But, others pointed out, the skywriter’s efforts ended up a little bit futile:

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